Telugu Tv Serial Vasantham - Telugu

“A child can handle a pen better.” This is probably the most thought-provoking line I have read on the Internet today.

Child labor is one of the social evils prevailing in the society which is hindering not only the development of the child but also the development of our country. I was wondering why people are mute in this regard. We should raise a voice against the child labor. Those tiny tots out there who should be learning and who should be loved and cared, are instead earning and facing the harsh reality of life at the very young age. I know you are wondering why I am speaking of child labor on this platform. “ Vasantham” would be my answer. “Vasantham” is a daily serial telecastd on ETV channel, Telugu.

ETV is a reputed Telugu television channel which was launched in the year 1995. It was launched by Ramoji Rao. It has reached its targets in entertaining the Telugu viewers since 22 years, and thus ETV is stated as the most successful Telugu channel. ETV telecasted fine shows and serials for the past two decades. The secret behind the success of the channel is the admiration it gained among the women, especially housewives. Speaking of the serial “Vasantham," the storyline of the serial revolves around a girl, named Chandrika. Chandrika comes from a poor family. Her parents take a loan from a rich family in their village. Being not able to repay the loan, Chandrika’s parents send her to that family to work for them. This way, Chandrika, succumbs to the child labor and misses out her childhood.

The girl likes to study; she wants to go to school, and she likes her freedom. Despite, she loses her freedom, she is not allowed to go to school, and she won’t be able to study. She also gets separated from her sibling.

The serial rightly captures her emotions, the hassles that she faces, and her will to chase her dreams. More than 500 episodes have been telecast, and the number is still counting. The serial was victorious in hitting the target right by striking the emotions of the audiences.

It is an initiative taken up in an aim to bring about a change in the society and eradicate the child labor. One should be glad that the television industry has taken up this step owing to the social responsibility. The director this TV series is Loknath Pandey, who is a celebrated small-screen serial director. Mahabharat is one of his remarkable works.