Telugu Tv Serial Varudhini Parinayam

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Cast: Anil Allam

Varudhini Parinayam is one of the top rated serial of Zee aired for the first time on August 5th 2013. The serial is telecasted from Monday through Friday at 8:30 PM at Zee. The serial has successfully aired 705 episodes as on 20th April 2016. Varudhini Parinayam is directed by Batchali Shiva. The cast includes the likes of Ravi Krishna, Chandana Shetty, etc. This Show is about a bright young girl Varudhini who gets married to Pardhu unexpectedly.

Varudhini is a girl from a middle class family and second one amongst four sisters. She is the smartest child among the four sisters with high self-respect. On other side, Pardhu is from a rich family who returns to India after completing his studies in foreign and starts his own business. Pardhu, being brought up by his aunt after losing his mother in an accident, respects the only women in the form of her aunt.. Pardhu is least bothered about others feelings except for his aunt and his brother.

Pardhu’s brother falls in love with Varudhini elder sister and it so happens that both Varudhini and Pardhu gets married for the happiness of their siblings despite of their hatred towards each other. Another main character of the play is Raja. Raja is the smart employee in Pardhu Company and he love Varudhini for her nature. He was very much upset with Varudhini marrying Pardhu. The show is about how Pardhu and Varudhini manage to keep the marriage for the happiness of their respective families.