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That Is Mahalakshmi Telugu TV SERIALS on ZEE TELUGU

In India, marriage is a big event in the family, and there is a lot of hullabaloos associated with it. There is also a lot of fatalistic elements prevalent in the society about marriage like dowry. “That is Mahalakshmi” is a Malayalam show that tries to highlight this issue uniquely. The story focuses on the life of a girl named Mahalakshmi. Her sister loses her life due to dowry system. It hurts her deeply. To ensure that she doesn't go through such a situation she decides to get insurance for her marriage and that she will be financially secure after the marriage fails.

As bizarre as it sounds, her decision even stumps her family members. Will she get a groom of her choice and lead a happily married life forms the crux of the story. The male protagonist is a character named Sri. Gauri's mother tells him that she is worried about her daughter's future and she requests him to take care of her. Meanwhile Sri's mother fixes his match with another girl which angers him. Sri appeals to Gauri to come live with him at his place to which she agrees. The people around them begin to question the nature of their relationship.

Both of them decides to keep mum and not add more fuel to the fire. Some arguments break out between Sri and Gauri. Sri happens to see Mahalakshmi's photograph and falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Mahalakshmi wants to change her job and stumbles upon a vacancy advertisement in the newspaper. The advertisement is of Sri's office. Meanwhile, Sri sees a scooter, similar to Mahalakshmi's two-wheeler, parked near a small house and assumes that she resides in that house. He enters the house and proposes marriage to the elders of the house presuming them to be Mahalakshmi's parents.

Vidyadhari also tries to blackmail Sri into marriage citing her ailing health. Some people try to con Mahalakshmi. Will Sri and Mahalakshmi finally come face-to-face? Will Sri get out of this tricky situation and marry the women he truly loves? What will happen to his relation with Gauri? How will she react to this development? How will Mahalakshmi react when she comes to know about Gauri? Will Sri realize Vidya Dari's real intention? Will Mahalakshmi succumb to her enemy's plan? The story answers all these questions in an interesting manner. The serial was premiered on small screen on July 31, 2017. Up till now, the makers have telecasted a total of thirty-eight episodes. Zee Telegu Channel is the official broadcaster of the show.