Telugu Tv Serial Teluginti Ammayi

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Teluginti Ammayi is a Doordarshan series which is telecasted on Sundays. It is a reality show which is exclusive to Telugu speaking girls. It is a competition in which there are four girls who enter as contestants and try to win the prize for the particular episode. Each episode is short of the forty minute mark. In each episode new participants are called.

The show is meant to discover talents among Telugu speaking girls. All the girls who are going to be participating in the show are in their teenage years. They come on stage wearing their traditional saree. Posters of animals are kept as decorations on the stage. Four podiums are placed where each contesting girl will stand and answer the questions. There seems to be no live audience. It is a colourful set. Characters from Indian mythology have been placed at various places which gives it a more authentic look. The host firstly introduces the girls to the audience. Without wasting any time she starts with the questions. She begins by asking basic translations.

She might also ask one of the girls to count till ten in Telugu. It should not be forgotten that speaking Telugu is the main aim of the serial. The anchor asks all her questions from a booklet which is in her hands at all times. She speaks in a kind tone, and is always ready to help them if they do not understand the instructions. Other than questions, certain tasks can be given to girls to perform. They might have to sing, dance, or do something else. The dance would be a folk dance and not the modern contemporary style. All of them would get a certificate.

All of them also get a small gift hamper, while the biggest of them is reserved for the winner. Teluginti Ammayi focuses on finding the best talent from the Telugu speaking girl population. The questions asked are also related to general knowledge. The game show has a dull mood to it, which can be because they don’t send any sort of audience. There is also an absence of background music which makes it extremely dull to watch. There are a few jokes here and there, with the host taking the mantle to keep it interesting.