Telugu Tv Serial Talambralu

Talambralu Telugu TV SERIALS on Gemini TV

Gemini TV is a Telugu TV channel. The channel has been wooing its audience since 1995 and was launched by Sun TV Network. The type of programs broadcasted by the channel includes series or soap operas, movies, film-based programs, news, and reality shows. Some of the shows broadcasted by the channel include Dharmapeetam, Once More Please, Dance Baby Dance, Flashback, Ko Ante Koti, Changu re bangaru rani, Box lo bangaram, ATM, Agnipoolu, Saptha Mathrika, etc. Few of the top serials include Nammakam, Amrutham, Mogali Rekulu, Chakravakam, Chi La Sow Sravanthi, Kalavari Kodallu, Mettala Savvadi, Pavithra Bandham, and Pinni. On 29 August 2016, the channel introduced a new TV show to their audience.

The show is known as Talambralú. The cast for the serial includes popular South actor, Vijay Kumar, as the lead of the male part. Vijay Kumar is a Tamil film actor as well as a politician. Since 1973, he has done commendable work in Tamil cinema. He has even acted in a few Hindi, Telugu, and Malayalam movies. His work is primarily dedicated to serials. If we look at numbers, he has acted in more than 400 films. They are primarily in Tamil, but he has also performed brief stints in Telugu cinema. The show, Talambralú, revolves around the life of Bhanumati, a simple girl with big dreams in her eyes. Bhanumati wishes to become a doctor. But as has been the case in family drama genre serials, fate knocks and before you know it, Bhanumati gets married! With her dreams shattered, she feels worthless in her life.

But she has a superhero in her life. And that’s her grandfather! Bhanumati’s grandfather, played by Vijay Kumar, has always been a pillar of strength in her life. He helps her to overcome the harsh circumstances that have appeared at her doorsteps and finally guides her to fulfil her dream. The story beautifully intertwines the relationship between a grandparent and the grandkid. A close grandparent - grandchild relationship marks the strength of ties within a family. Sometimes, it’s the grandparent that plays the part of a parent in a child’s life. This is what this story revolves around. The acting, the setting, the storyline, the direction, and the emotions create an atmosphere in the series that would make you smile and weep at the same time. Do watch the series every Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm, only on Gemini TV.