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Swayamvaram is a Daily soap telecasted on Gemini. The serial revolves around a young and brave Sandhya who was brought up by his father after her mother death. Sandhya father fixes her marriage with Kalyan who is a son of his friend. Kalyan at his first sight likes Sandhya and agrees for the marriage proposal. On the other hand Kalyan’s brother who stays in US happens to see Sandhya’s photo and falls in love with her. Unknowing the fact, that his brother loves the same girl, Kalyan and his family forward with marriage arrangements. By the time he sees Sandhya in India she get married to Kalyan. Brother who can’t digest the fact Kalyan marrying his dream girl starts creating a gap between wife and husband. Sandhya slowly realize the plot of Kalyan’s brother and try to complain to Kalyan on this regard. But smart brother believes everyone that he is innocent and good. Finally Kalyan’s brother succeeds in creating differences between Sandhya and Kalyan. How Sandhya reveals the actual face of brother and how she keeps up her marriage with kalian forms the future of story. The series Started on 23rd June 2013 and telecasted on Gemini TV.