Telugu Tv Serial Surya Putrudu

Surya Putrudu Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
Surya Putrudu is an Indian Television serial broadcast on Gemini Tv Monday to Friday at 7.30 PM, started in 21st January 2013. Lead roles are played by K.Viswanath, Indraneel, Ramaraju, Rajababu, Narasimha Raju, Vasu Inturi, Vignesh, Uday sarath, Rajitha Murthy, Medha Bahari, Sruthi.

Surya Putrudu revolves around a boy Ajay who belongs to a very traditional family. The Head of the family is Narasimman who is very respectful in his village, every person in village treats him as god. Ajay is a very successful Ad film maker in Hyderabad, for him work comes first, he doesn’t believe in god and fate. The story takes a turn when a person called Nagaraj wants to destroy his village and his family, Ajay has to come to his village to save the village and his family from Nagaraj. Ajay was able to control the situation, but a girl comes in his life Sneha, The family member and Ajay attached to Sneha very much. When everything was going good suddenly a chain of bad things start happening around the family and village and then it is revealed that Sneha is the person who is sent by Nagaraj to destroy Ajay. Sneha was against Ajay in starting but the love and affection she got from the family and Ajay changed her and she refused to work for Nagaraj, this annoys Nagaraj very much and he wants to take revenge from Ajay as well as he wants to teach a lesson to Sneha also.

Surya Putrudu is a most popular serial among Telugu audiences. The show’s TRP is also high and it is quite famous among women and youngsters.

Another version of this story...

SuryaPurtudu is a daily serial aired on Gemini Television

The series revolves around Ajay who is born in a great traditional family. Ajay’s father is known in the village for his eternal powers to cure the persons affected with evil forces.

When whole village worships his father like a god, Ajay don’t believe in all these things and ignores them to be superstitions. Ajay sets up his own business in the city and establishes well as add film maker. 

The serial takes an unexpected turn when Ajay’s father leave the village and villagers start requesting Ajay to cure their people believing he possess the eternal powers like his father.

Even then Ajay don’t entertain their beliefs and continue to stay unconcerned about their problems. The story takes another turn when Nagraj enters the village and starts troubling the villagers. Ajay at last realizes his responsibility towards his family and his village and saves the village from the witty plans of Nagaraj.

Suryaputrudu started on Gemini on 21 January 2013. The show telecasted daily from Monday through Friday at 7 Pm on Gemini TV