Telugu Tv Serial Subhalagnam

Subhalagnam Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
Subhalagnam also known as Premaku Subhalagnam is a Telugu soap Opera drama serial. Subhalagnam means ‘auspicious time’. Family oriented story with essence of all emotions in a typical Indian economy. The serial was aired on Gemini TV weekdays till 15th June 2014. It is a mix of love and wickedness of people in a family.
This series was aired for 280 episodes with a classic climax of family reunion leaving their pasts behind. The day it started to air, it has been effective to grab the attention of all the viewers reflecting their realistic life happenings screened on TV. The screenplay and direction been a compliment to the story. This series got special response during it’s time as the story seems too realistic. The story revolves around a family of middle income people. A mother with two sons who never get to mingle because of their differences in their mind sets. Mother is much worried about the kids not getting in a right direction of life. First son gets to grow up as a good man but his son seems to be wicked. Second son turns out to be a spoiled brat when grown to be a man, with all ruthless habits by which all family members are annoyed and fed up by his behaviour. The viewer’s gets to know how a typical middle aged woman with such family members can deal with them while the story unfolds. In the end of the series everyone gets together and understands the value of being united than divided. Hence it had been a good moral to the society now a days who are preferring to be as nuclear families.