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Telugu Tv Serial Subbarao Subbalakshmi

Subbarao Subbalakshmi Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
Subbarao Subbalakshmi is a family oriented comedy serial aired on Gemini TV during the year 2002.This is presentation of Damayanthi Art Productions. It was able to catch the attention of viewers being one of a kind humour during its time. In this series there are three main characters Subbarao (Ram jagan), Subbalakshmi (latha) and Padmanabham (Meesala Bhaskar).This story revolves around these three characters with twists of fun and nostalgic humour. Subbarao (male protagonist) and Subbalakshmi (female protagonist) are newlywed couple who are been to put apart from Padmanabham who is father of Subbalakshmi. Padnabham is a typical Indian father who loves his daughter to peaks and want her to live a relaxed life provided with house and all essential needs by Husband. Subbarao being a conservative person hesitates to take a home for himself and gives him tough time to convince his father in law to send his daughter. One fine day with help of his boss, Subbarao manages to get home to live in and to his surprise Subbalakshmi comes with her father where Padmanabham stays along.
Subbarao feels uncomfortable and plans for funny things to make his father in law leave the young couple for themselves. The viewers get to enjoy seeing subbarao pick quarrels with Padmanabham. Very interesting screenplay and Excellency in performance kept viewers tuned all through the episodes. The chemistry of family humour and love been well screened by effort of team. 

This serial got a special attraction by the guest appearance of most famous and beloved TV actor Achyuth, who happens to be playing role of subbarao in past of Padmanabham's life. Being 4 times Nandi award winner Achyuth was very much talented whereas his enactment in this series was very expressive to be delight to all viewer's eyes. Humour and concept are well mixed up with dash of sentiment.