Telugu Tv Serial Sravani Subramanyam

Sravani Subramanyam Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
Shravani Subramanyam is a popular serial that was telecasted on Gemini TV from Monday to Friday.

Shravani Subramanyam serial is directed by Hari Prasad Gattreddy and produced by Vikatan Teli Vistas (p. Ltd. The screenplay of this serial is written by Guru Sampath.

Venugopal, Sruthi Raj, Narasimharaj, Ratnasagar, Srilakshmi, Madhumani, Keerthi, Preethi Nigam have acted in this serial. 

It is story of a middle-class girl named Shravani which focuses on the importance of women’s education. The story revolves around Shravani and her friends Deepa and Kalyani. Shravani’s mother deserted her in her childhood and ever since her family avoided her. The only person who takes care of Shravani is her grand mother. Shravani’s only wish is to continue her education in order to aid her family. But she faces trouble in the form of Ranganathan who is a break-inspector. However, Subramanyam saves Shravani. He eventually marries Shravni. However, prior to marriage he was engaged with Mahi. Mahi with the help of Subramanyam’s mother creates problems in Subramanyam and Shravani’s marriage. How they steer out these trails forms the story of this serial.