Telugu Tv Serial Sindhuram

Sindhuram Telugu Tv serials on Maa tv
Sindhuram is a story of a girl Vaishnavi who lives in a joint family, she has an elder sister Sharda, an elder brother Sheenu and a younger sister Pushpa, also her mother and Vaishnavi’s Widowed aunt Pankajam lives with her. Vaishanavi is a graduate and she is very dedicated towards her family and she took all the responsibility of the family on her shoulders. Sharda Vaishnavi’s elder sister is struggling with her life as she can’t be a mother because pregnancy can lead her to death, Sharda’s husband Krishna are very supportive in nature and takes care of Sharda and her family but later it is revealed that he is interested in Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi’ brother Sheenu is a good guy and he wants to support her family, but his wife Chandra, who is a Bank employee doesn’t like him supporting the family, She also stopped Sheenu to arrange the marriage of Vaishnavi as she is the one who is taking responsibility of the family and after marriage Sheenu has to take the responsibility. Vaishnai’s younger sister Pushpa is careless girl and don’t care about family. Vaishnavi’s aunt wants her to open a music coaching class without thinking about the work load of Vaishanavi. Vaishnavi’s life becomes like a maid who has to fulfil all the desire of everyone, but no one thinks about her. But the story takes a turn Vaishanavi met with Ajay and friendship developed between them.

Sindhuram is a popular Serial and hit among the audiences.