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Seethakoka Chilaka Telugu TV SERIALS on Maa TV

Seethakoka Chilaka is drama soap opera in the Telugu channel that airs on the channel, Star Maa. Star Maa is a satellite entertainment channel in the Telugu language and is part of the Star India Network, one of the largest television networks in India. The show, Seethakoka Chilaka was launched in the year 2015. The first episode of the show was launched on 5th March 2015. The show has had 144 episodes in total. The show was taken off air on for certain reasons after its last episode on 18th September 2015.

The show aired at 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Each episode of the show was 30 minutes long. Seethakoka Chilaka is a mega soap opera in the family drama genre. The show centers a family with parents and a kid, and how their peace is disturbed when a series of unsaid truths are unraveled. Manohar and Nithya are happily married. They have a small family and are blessed with a beautiful son, Vicky. They live a very simple and happy life. One day, Nithya finds Shravanti feeding her son secretly outside his school. She confronts her, and forbids her to go near her son.

That is when Shravanti loses her cool and tells her that Vicky is actually Nani, who is her son. Nithya is in for a shock. Initially, she denies the fact and accuses Shravanti of lying. But seeing Manohar scared, she confronts him. After a lot of questioning, Manohar breaks and tells the truth to Nithya that their son, Vicky was swapped in the hospital just after being born. To safe Nithya from the pain of the loss of her new born baby, he requested Shravanti to give his son, Nani to Nithya for some time until she learns the truth. Shravanti agrees to this request.

Nithya also learns about Manohar's and Shravanti's relationship before their marriage and that Manohar is Nani’s biological father. Nithya is broken. Manohar apologizes for his lies. He requests Shravanti to let Nithya keep Nani. But she is hell bent on taking her son back. She files a court case against Manohar and Nithya. The court passes the judgment in favor ofShravanti, but Nani wants to stay with Nithya as they have now developed a mother-son bond. Nithya is broken by the verdict, and cries inconsolably. Shravanti is happy to get her son back, and tries every possible way to make him happy, but he wants to go back to Nithya. With whom does Nani finally end up? Does Shravanti give away Nani? All these questions are answered as the show moves on. The show had a very talented star cast that made the portrayal of the characters all the more effective, and the show gained more popularity amongst the audience.

Seethakoka Chilaka is a drama series which got aired on the Maa TV channel. It is a Telugu language program which got broadcasted on every weekday from Monday to Friday in the 10:00 to 10:30 PM time slot. It premiered on Indian television screens on 2nd March 2015. The program has got the caption of “Anubandhala Harivillu” and deals with the concepts of love and infidelity. The story takes us through the lives of the leading couple and how they fell for each other. But things get complicated when the husband finds love elsewhere. The show isn’t just about adultery and marital bonds, but it explores the concepts of love and relationships at a deeper level. It explores what happens when a couple who are in love with each other find love outside their relationship as well.

The leading roles have gotten played by some of the most well-known names in the Telugu television industry. These include the likes of Sainath, Sriram, Uday Shankar, Chandra Lakshman, and Bindu Priya among others. They have all played some fine and memorable roles throughout their careers in the television industry The story of Seethakoka Chilaka explores the marriage and relationship between Manohar and Nitya. They are a happily married couple who hail from a typical Indian middle-class family. They both love each other and have a healthy relationship. Their tastes certainly vary with each having a very distinct personality and characteristics. But these differences don’t come in the way of their marriage or their bond with one another. It only strengthens with passing days and lays a strong foundation for their relationship and future.

This, however, gets tested when Manohar’s paths cross all of a sudden with Prema. She is the manager of a bank and meets Manohar by chance one day. They hit it off and start to develop a special bond of friendship. This slowly begins to blossom more and more. They begin to enjoy each other’s company and get closer with each passing day. One day it dawns upon the couple that they have fallen in love with each other. Thus, their romance begins. The story follows this arc and explores how the relationship between Manohar and Prema starts to impact his marriage. The dynamic between these three people and how they handle the consequences in each of their lives forms the crux of the tale. A gripping saga of love, relations and fidelity ensue.

Another version of the story...

Seeta Koka Chiluka meaning Butterfly is Telugu soap opera family drama. It is dubbed from Tamil serial “Panchavarnam” broadcast weekly on Sun TV. It was directed by Manobala. Maa TV channel bought the rights to telecast it dubbed in Telugu for all South Indian Telugu audience. The female protagonist is famous film actress Suhasini Maniratnam. The story revolves around a typical South Indian married woman who tries her level best to meet the needs of her three children by the end of the day. She sells homemade milk products and milk to survive and satisfy her provincial life needs. The story takes the audience to peaks of sentiment while giving a glimpse of day to day hurdles in any married single parent’s life.


Her husband is a burglar and stays unseen away from family for many months. One fine day, she learns through police officers that he is doing wrong and tries to confront him asking about his whereabouts which makes him steer away again without a word. Despite of irresponsible husband, she gets her sister in-law married to her beloved person. After prolonged struggle alone with family income and parenting, she is informed about her loss of husband. She gets despair on how to manage the circumstances when rules of the village constraints her to be desperate to get remarried. To her good fortune, she finds a good man working as police inspector in the same village to help her with this problem. They get to marry in accounts of paperwork only to support her children. Son never gets to accept him as father until one day when he learns the kindness of the police man. 


The story is aired for 39 episodes with a happy ending of all the family together posing to picture with big smiles on faces. This serial had projected all the good facts about family virtues and possibilities of stress on single parent children.