Telugu Tv Serial Seetamalakshmi

Seethamalakshmi Telugu Tv serials on Maa tv

Seetamalakshmi is a brand new serial being telecasted on Maa TV at 9pm from Monday to Friday. It was started on 3rd February’2014 and has successfully completed its 154 episode as on 22nd August. Seetamalakshmi serial is directed by Gatreddy Hari Prasad and produced by Y.Srinath. Mega brother Nagendra Babu gave the story for this serial and has played a main role in this serial. Nagababu, 'Pravallika', Bharani Shankar, Sailaja, Ramana Murhty, Gopal, Chakri, Akella Gopala Krishna, 'Lireesha' etc. have acted in this serial.

The story of Seetamalakshmi revolves around three main characters, Seetamalakshmi, her husband Gopal and Rajasekhar, a very rich businessman who believes in getting anything or anybody he wants. Seetamalakshmi is a sweet, beautiful and innocent woman who believes in ethics and morals and stands by them. And her husband Gopal who loves his wife very much is very possessive about her. The story runs normally until Rajasekhar sees and falls for Seetamalakshmi and after which the story takes the turn. How this will effect the lives of these three persons and what twists are going to come, forms the crux of the story.

Another version of the story...

Seetamalakshmi’ is a Telugu daily serial which was telecast in MAATV on every Monday to Friday from 09:00PM to 09:30 PM. Starring Nagababu, Pravalika and Dharani. The serial got a huge response in the initial stage itself as Nagendra babu who is a famous south Indian actor is acting in lead role himself, being the producer for the serial. The serial is about a young couple. Pravalika played the role of Seetamalakshmi who is an ideal wife who stands for her ethics.

Naga babu played a pivotal role in this show. He acted in a negative role as the show goes on with twists and turns. Rajasekhar is a business man and quite rich. He always believes that money can buy anything for him and he tries to find the correct match for him to marry and finally he finds Seetamalakshmi. He falls in love with her and approaches her to marry him. But the twist comes up with ‘Seetamalakshmi’ as she was already married to a person.

Gopal was her husband who he is a bit possessive. The story goes on with the consequences between these people and how Nagababu intervened them and what’s going on next, is the quite normal question everyone from the audience will feel when they reach the end of the episode. The show got lots of twists and turns which basically attracted the audience and made them stick to the TVs while it was being telecast. Nagababu showed an ultimate performance in the serial which led the serial to huge success.

Another version of the story...

Seetamalakshmi is a story revolving around Seetha. She married Gopal, but things change after the entrance of Rajashekar in their lives. Though Seeta shows that she has a happy marriage, the truth is that Gopal is an atrocious husband. Rajashekaran comes as a saint spirit in Seetha's life and saves her from hurdles. When Gopal stoops down to the level of trying to murder Seetha, she decides to part ways with him. After many hiccups in her life, she marries Rajashekhar, who had fallen in love with her. Seetha becomes a business woman and faces competition Pillai and his wife, Patalamma.

Gopal teams up with them and uses his family to hurt Seetha. His family does not know about his behaviour with Seetha or pretends not to know about it. The serial started airing on MAA TV, which has been recently acquired by STAR Networks. All serials of MAA TV have ever since begun to air on Hotstar, which is a STAR Network App. The serial has six seasons with the 7th season currently running. Seetha and Rajashekhar get married in the 5th season. The first season is about Seetha rising as an aspirant woman.

The second season shows her struggles with her husband and her divorce. Gopal feels wrong about himself and wants Seetha back in his life, but reveals it all to be fake. He wishes to kill her and get everything and destroy the business that she created. He threatens to kill his mother if she says anything to anyone. Meanwhile, another business competitor enters the drama that is Malini. She and Gopal team up to ruin Seetha's life again. Rajashekhar dies after his wedding with Seetha, and she is unhappy.

Then Rajashekhar enters in a double role first as Jhonny and then as Chandrashekhar. Chandrashekhar later turns out to be Rajashekhar, who had forgotten his past. In all this drama Seetha had married Chandrashekhar and had become pregnant. Seetha gives birth to a girl but gets kidnapped by Pillai making everybody assume that she is dead. Rajashekhar believes the infant to be responsible for his wife's death and abandons her. After many years the little girl who is also named Seetha craves for her father and tries to get to him. She somehow manages to that too. That is the story so far.