Telugu Tv Serial Sangharshana

Sangarshana Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv

Sangarshana is a TV series telecasted on Gemini. This serial was initially telecasted in Tamil and then dubbed to Telugu for the response it got from audience. The story starts with Sangarshana marrying Guru. Guru marries Sangarshana without revealing his original identity.In real Guru is Ganesh and he was already married to a wealthy women. He cons her and disappears with her money. He does same with Sangarshana. He fleds away with all the money she saved for her business.

By the time she realizes the fact that she was conned by her husband she was totally in to debts. Sangarshana was arrested by police for the illegal activities her husband did. Knowing about her situation, a lawyer named Prabhavati decides to fight for her in court room. How the helpless Sangsrshana gets out of jail and moves on in her life forms the future story of the series. Popular movie actress Kalyani played Sangarshana.

Another version of this story...

Sangarshana is popular serial telecasted on Gemini TV at 2pm from Monday to Friday. It is a dubbing of a Tamil serial. Sangarshana serial was directed by A.Abdulla and produced by R.Raja. Kalyani, Dr. Srinath, Sabitha Anand, Gouthami, Uday, Rohith, Saraswathi etc. have acted in this serial. The story of Sangarshna serial revolves around the family of Thirumalai and the family of Varalakshmi. Thirumalai has two sons named Vinodh and Vasanth and one daughter named Abhirami. Varalakshmi has a son named Kalyanram and three daughters.

Varalaksmi have plans to arrange his son’s marriage with a rich girl and to get her daughter’s marriage done with the dowry and gold brought by that girl.. Varalakshmi’s son Kalyanram and Thirumalai’s daughter Abhirami get engaged. Thirumalai plans to buy jewels for Abhirami’s marriage with his retirement benefit amount. Kalyanraam reveals the truth to Abhirami that he is planning to use Abhirami’s jewels in arranging his sister’s marriage. After knowing this, Abhirami’s respect and faith for Kalyanram increases more and she decides to give her jewels to Kalyanram for his sister’s marriage.

Kalyanram arranges his sister’s marriage with Prakash and he plans that his sister’s marriage to be done soon after his marriage. In the meanwhile Thirumalai plans to buy jewels for Abhirami’s marriage but unfortunately he loses the entire amount on his way. With the fear that his daughter’s marriage would get stopped, he hides this matter and plans to buy duplicate jewels and replace them with the original jewels after arranging the money from some other source within 15 days.

But unfortunately on the day of marriage Varalakshmi comes to know about the duplicate jewels and wants to stop the marriage. However, Kalyanram marries Abhirami against his mother’s wishes. In order to keep his promise, Thirumalai pays Rs.5lacs to Kalyanram instead of jewelry. In the meanwhile, Abhirami comes to know about Prakash that he is not a good person and his character is not good. So she wants teach him a lesson but however, Prakash marries Kalyaram’s sister Maheshwari. With a series of unexpected and interesting turns and twists, what will happen to Abhirami’s life forms the essence of the story.