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Radha Kalyanam Radhika Kalyanam is a Kannada TV serial which airs >> Read More... is an Indian television drama broadcast on Zee Telugu, Monday to Friday at 6.30. PM. Rasha Kalyanam is originally a Hindi serial Choti Bahu originally telecast on Zee TV. Radha kalyanam is a story of a girl Radhika, who was raised by Shastri family priest in the temple as she was found abandoned in the temple. Radhika is a great believer of god Krishna. Shastri ji’s own daughter is Vishakha who is selfish and dreams of being an actress. Shastri ji’s mother hates Radhika as she is an orphan child.

The story takes a turn when the Bhardwaj family comes in to the village and offers a marriage proposal for Vishakha for his son Vishal. Vishal met with Radhika in the temple and thought that she is Vishakha and so agrees for marriage. On the day of marriage Vishakha runs away for audition and Radhika got married with Vishal, but at the time of vidai ceremony Vishaka comes back and she goes with Bhardwaj family as the bride of Vishal. When Vishal finds real Vishakha in front of him, he gets confused and then he comes to know that the girl he thought is Vishakha is someone else.

Later it is revealed that Radhika is Vishakha’s sister and when Vishaka left Vishal to be an actress, Radhika got married with Vishal. The lots of turns and twist come between episodes like Vishakha comes back and wants her place back in Bhardwaj family, Vishal’s father dies and he becomes the dharmadhikari, Shastri ji sets in an attempt to steal the idol from The temple and is rescued by Radhika, but in the end everything went good and the serial ends on a happy note. The serial was very popular because the innocence of the story of Radha Kalyanam. The serial had a mythological content, love, desire and everything else which can entertain the audience.

Another version of this serial..

Radha Kalyanam is a popular Telugu drama television serial which was aired on Zee Telugu channel every Mondays to Fridays. This is a simple story with extraordinary events and feelings that are interesting to all the society, and also a woman oriented show which also focuses on the cultures of Telugu. G Anuradha, Zee Telugu’s Creative Head stated that this serial primarily tackles the marriage system and expose the women’s aspirations. The serial was premiered on January 3. The show starred Krishna Koushik Krishna Koushik was born in Eluru. His full name i >> Read More... , Sri Dam and Divya Reddy.

It is a tale of two girls namely, Radha and Keerthi, along with their dreams and ambitions. One of them aspires to have a simple and comfortable life whereas the other lives with the same ambitions of many girls. Radha is an unfortunate girl who lives in a poor village. Her advantages are her innocence and humility. She wants to study so she can earn well and support her family so she can be able to lessen all the burdens that they’ve been encountering. Her mother is sick and so she was unable to support her family, so Radha was the one who needs to work hard and bring some money home. Her father doesn’t care about Radha’s emotions and dreams. He even thinks that Radha is only an obligation to him so he wants her to marry a wealthy man. He only sees her as gold because he believes that Radha can give him better returns. Keerthi, on the other hand is the opposite of Radha. She was blessed with all the fortune and comforts in life. She can get all the things that she wants in her life. 

Every part of the story was interesting as different twists and turns happen along the way; Radha and Vamsi will get married. But it will turn out to be Keerthi and Vamsi as couple and she will be having her baby with Vamsi. Apparna will sacrifice her love for Mahesh and marry Eeshwar, a personification of evil. Mahesh will marry Rukku. In the long way, a touching variations happened when Keerthi was about to die and wishes to see Radha and Vamsi to get married before her last breath. 

Radha Kalyanam was one of the tele-language programs that were aired when ZEE Telugu was debuted on DISH in U.S. Mixing with nativity, the serial has an ample emotional amount and an extreme melodrama, at the same time, it consider human values and ethics as it evolves.