Telugu Tv Serial Pulihora

Pulihora Telugu Tv serials on Maa tv
Pulihora (Sour Rice) or Pulihora Remixed is a Telugu comedy serial aired on Maa TV from Monday through Thursday at 7pm. The first episode was aired on 28th December 2009. It has successfully broadcast 46 episodes of fun filled episodes. 
The story of Pulihora revolves around the night college lecturer, Prof. Miriyalu role played by veteran actor Naresh (protagonist) who took a break from films and other media is once again seen on TV screen to entertain all Telugu audience. The concept of Pulihora is compilation of humour, romance, funny satires, silly gestures, simple spinoffs from other movies, mimicry of many artists and politicians. This serial was a good relief from daily hectic and provincial life of common man. In this series we get to see different variations and known talents of the comedy hero Naresh. Along with this veteran actor people can find some humour from many TV actors and film actors like Telangana Shakuntala, Subbaraya sharma,   Chitti babu, Samir and Nittala.
The story and screenplay were provided by senior manager of Maa channel A.R.K.Sastry. 
The story keeps focused on providing ultimate laughter with some frame stories and funny game Cricket between team of Prof. Miriyalu and some goons of the city. Multi-hued performance of Naresh been a great essence to the story whereas the enactment of other actors is not vain either. The funny scenes between colleges students made people burst in laughter.