Telugu Tv Serial Prema Yuddam

A serial gets the highest viewers rating when it comes as a package that consists drama, romance, comedy, action, and suspense. The best type of shows contains all of these and are always popular. These serials are dubbed in different languages due to their popularity demand. ‘Prema Yuddam’ is one of the largest grossing shows regarding popularity in the Telugu language. The show was initially launched on Star Plus in the Hindi language with the title ‘ Ishqbaaz,’ and later on dubbed in the Telugu language with the name ‘Prema Yuddam.’ After the dubbing, it got launched on MaaTV Network, which is one of the leading Telugu regional channels.

The plot of the serial was based on the bond that the three brothers namely Omkara, Rudra, and Shivaay share. The show was launched on Star Maa TV Network on 9th August ,2016. The story of the serial is about the brothers who share a very deep relationship despite their family clashes. The show is about a very high-class business oriented family, The Oberoi family. The family has Kalyani Oberoi as the head of it, and she is the one who controls the entire family. Kalyani Oberoi, as shown in the serial has two sons named Tej and Shakti. Tej, the elder one is married to Jhanvi who happens to be drinking all the time because of an alleged love affair with her husband.

Tej and Jhanvi have two sons and one daughter. The elder son is Omkara, who is a sculptor by profession and earns a lot of money with his hard work. The program shows that he has a habit of drug use and also has a broken relationship. The second son of Tej and Jhanvi is Rudra, who is totally opposite to his elder brother and is a cool guy and believes in clubbing and spending all his time flirting with women. Their daughter Priyanka is a very simple girl who gets tensed and worried easily. The story later shows her love affair with an A.C.P. The second son of Kalyani Oberoi is Shakti who is married to Pinky, and they have one son named Shivaay. Shivaay is a very strict reputed and professional man.

He is a business tycoon, and hates people who belong to the poor sector. He judges people through their standard and class rather than by their deeds. He is supposed to represent the Oberoi family in their business. There are clashes between the two families during the time of business succession hence both want their son to succeed. Shivaay has been engaged to Tia Kapoor to match their status and class. Initially, the focus of the serial is on the three brothers, but later on there is an entry of Aanika, a middle-class family girl who is a wedding caterer by profession. The story then revolves around the love story of Shivaay and Aanika and the differences they face due to their family standards. This serial is highly popular and is one of the top shows on Maa TV Network.