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Telugu Tv Serial Oohala Pallakilo

Oohala Pallakilo Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
Released on 8th November 2008 Oohala Pallakilo is a new Drama and a Romance genre that runs on Gemini TV. Directed by Suresh and produced by Sambasiva Rao J. It became one of the most long five series that Gemini TV presenter. With actors like Allari Subhashini Allari Subhashini’s real name is Thirumala Subashi >> Read More... , Bhaskar, Raghu, Rajiv Kanakala Rajiv Kanakala is a south Indian actor and mostly >> Read More... , Navneet Kaur Navneet Kaur is a Telugu Movie actress. She was bo >> Read More... , Asmith, Raghubabu, Prasannakumar, Dhulipala, Rallapalli, Utej, Sakuntala Telangala, Priyanka and many others the show suffered some generation changes since it keeps running until today. It can watch every week from Monday to Friday at 7:00PM on Gemini TV.

Oohala Pallakilo presents the story of a hard working woman and in Indian society, it remains all the time unnoticed. The girl graduated the college and starts to search for her identity and because she belongs to a rich and influential family and her with the 2 other sisters have to do everything that the parents say. She is the older one and has to go to work for her father and also the father has to arrange her marriage. It was a lot pressure for the girl and caused a big lose with the business and this caused the death of her father. In these days is a really appreciated serial and it is a must watch series.

Another version of this story...

Oohala Pallakilo is a family drama broadcast on Gemini Tv Monday to Friday at 7.00 PM, started on 7th October 2013 and stopped telecasting on 21st February. Oohala Pallakilo is a remake of Tamil Serial Deivamagal. Also Serial has stopped and started with a new name Jabilamma. Oohala Pallakilo is produced by Vikatan Tele Vistas.

Oohala Pallakilo revolves around a girl Sathya, she is the eldest daughter among three daughters, her father is a businessman and loves her family a lot. Sathya has completed her graduation and she wants to work and get a job, but her father doesn’t want her to work even as he doesn’t allow her to join her family business. Sathya’s father fixed her marriage to Kartik and he has agreed to pay a huge amount of dowry, But the story takes a turn when Sathya’s father face a big loss and he mortgages his property without telling his family. When Kartik’s mother knows this, breaks the marriage resulting in death of Sathya’s father. After this Sathya and family has to move to her uncle’s house, where her aunt used to insult them and treats them like a servant. Being the eldest Sathya looks for a job and start working in a hotel, where she met with Prakash who is her uncle’s friend’s son. After a lot of fighting between Prakash and Sathya they become friends. Prakash’s mother likes Sathya and see as her Daughter In Law, When Sathya knows this she refused the offer and said that Prakash and she are only friends.

Oohala Palliakilo is a serial about the problem of working women and their problems.