Telugu Tv Serial Ok Jaanu

Ok Jaanu Telugu TV SERIALS on Maa TV

OK Jaanu is a romantic serial in the Telugu language that airs on the channel, Star Maa. Star Maa is a satellite entertainment channel in the Telugu language, and is part of the Star India Network, one of the largest television networks in India. The show, OK Jaanu was launched on 29th May 2017. The show is in its first season now, and is still in the running. The show is aired at at 9:30 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. The show has had 84 episodes by far, and each episode runs for approximately 30 minutes. OK Jaanu is a romantic show with hints of comedy and drama in the plot.

The story circles around the love story between a young and adorable girl named Janaki and a smart and responsible boy named Ramu. Janaki, who is addressed as Jaanu by all, is a 19-year old bubbly and happy-go-lucky kind of girl who belongs to a very rich family. Jaanu is the life of all the family members, and everyone in the family can do absolutely anything to keep her happy and see her smiling. She is very much loved and pampered by everyone, and all her wishes are fulfilled at the drop of a hat.

Ramu on the other hand, Ramu belongs to a middle-class family with the usual struggles and troubles in life. His family wants to get him married and doesn’t leave any opportunity to get his set up with a girl. The family finally finds and finalizes a girl for Ramu to get married to. However, Ramu is skeptical about the idea and gets all worried and scared. In the impulse of getting himself out of the situation, Ramu runs away from his house. Eventually, in this run, his paths cross with that of Jaanu’s. There is a spark between them in the first sight.

Ramu takes a liking to Jaanu at the first sight and starts to stalk her. They end up meeting each other on various occasions until one day; Jaanu decides to talk to Ramu. They get well acquainted and slowly, a series of events start to take place. These events start getting them closer than before. They start meeting more often, and Ramu starts to care about Jaanu. Jaanu also starts falling in love with Ramu. They keep falling into a series of troubles and misunderstandings created by Suhas, a guy who wants to get Jaanu at any cost.

Ramu and Jaanu keep bailing each other out of these situations and in a series of misunderstandings and apologies, Ramu and Jaanu fall in love. Where does this love take them? Does their love find a destination or things get bad to worse for them? The show answers these questions eventually. The show has casted, Siddardh Varma Adduri for the lead role of Ramu while Krutika Singh Rathore plays the bubbly Janaki a.k.a Jaanu. The show is directed by Jai RV and produced by Mantrika Movies. The show is garnering a lot of love from the audience, and is receiving a lot of TRP as well.