Telugu Tv Serial Nuvve kavali

Nuvve kavali Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv

Nuvve Kavali is about an autocrat who madly goes in love of a girl from debt ridden farmer family. Digvijay, who is a landlord in the village, rules the village uncoutlessly same as his ancestors did. Amulya from a debt rode poor farmer family stands against Digvijay’s autocratic ruling. When Digvijay first see Amulya, he wants to posse her. When Amulya stands against his ruling, the desire to possess her increases even more and tries all his way to own her. Amulya however never agrees to marry Digvijay. Insulted Digvijay starts troubling Amulya’s family taking their poor economic status as a chance. Amulya for her family, convinced to marry him. Digvijay’s lust for Amulya turns to be love of his life and he turns himself as a dependable village head. How Amulya is able to change Digvijay and how her loves makes Digvijay a good human being is the story of the series.

Nuvve Kavali is a Most Popular Telugu serial telecasted on Gemini at 10 PM from Monday to Friday.