Telugu Tv Serial Nivedita

Nivedita Telugu TV SERIALS on DD Saptagiri

Nivedita is an informational TV serial that aired on the channel Doordarshan from 3 January 2010 to 15 August 2010, for 26 episodes. The serial was telecasted every Sunday at 7:35 pm. The programme was the joint effort of Doordarshan and Andhra Pradesh Department of Women Development and Child Welfare. It is to create awareness among people about HIV-AIDS. At the beginning of the decade, women, especially in villages, were unaware that their husbands are the prime risk factors for them to develop AIDS. Even if they were aware, their sexual activity was mostly out of their hands. It was their husbands who decided when and where.

Nivedita serial was created to help women realise the gravity of the issue, the measures they could take to prevent the ill fate of AIDS on their children, the places where they can get tested, NGOs and other organisations that would support them, and form Self-Help Groups to emotionally support them through it. After every episode, a celebrity would tell the viewers where they could find help. Nivedita is a young woman who is married to Shyam, the Sub-inspector of police. She learned that when she went home during her second pregnancy, her husband had been unfaithful. Around the same time, she reunited with her childhood friend, Sushila, whose husband died due to a variety of illnesses.

Sushila is sick, and the doctor advises her to take an HIV test. Nivedita stays by her side through the entire ordeal and realises her risk. They find out that Shyam’s boss is running a sex trafficking ring in their village and that Shyam had been with one of those women. Nivedita urges her husband to take a test. After testing positive, Nivedita faces a lot of criticism, both from family and outsider. Victim-blaming is very common when it comes to women, especially in India. Nivedita and Sushila form a Self-Help Group, persuade other women to take the tests, visit all the testing centres and hospitals together, and support both other women and themselves. The serial has provided knowledge to a lot of young women out there who now got to know how to protect themselves and where to find the necessary medical and emotional support.