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Nenu Ayana Aruguru Attalu' is an Indian Television family drama running on Zee Telugu Monday to Saturday at 6 PM. Nenu Ayana Aruguru Attalu premiered in Feburary 2014. Nenu Ayana Aruguru Attalu is produced by Suma Rajeev Creations. Nenu Ayana Aruguru Attalu's story revolves around the family who has six women as family members. The story starts when Chakri, a male member of the family decides to marry a girl Anasuya. Chakri and Anasuya despite having different opinion, decide to marry and this unexpected marriage totally changes Anasuya’s life as she is having six mothers-in-law.

The family members of Chakri are well formed, organized, disciplined and follow the rules whereas Anasuya is a young woman who doesn’t have to follow any rules in her free spirit. After marriage, she has to face difficulty in doing household things as well as she had to face the six Mothers-in-law also in which some support her and some are against her. After marriage Anasuya and Chakri are not very close, but slowly they start coming close and seeing each other and when they are about to go on honeymoon, one of the mothers-in-law Janakiamma decides not to send both on honeymoon because it may increase the familiarity between them and she tells everyone that going on honeymoon is not auspicious in this time for Anasuya and Chakri. Nenu Ayana Aruguru Attalu is a new launched show and viewers are interested in watching this delivers the hit formula of Mother in law and daughter in law concept but with a difference.

Another version of this story...

Nenu Ayana Aruguru Attalu is a family drama Produced by Suma Rajeev Creations. This is the first ever serial produced by most popular television artists Suma and Rajeev Kanakala. Nenu Aayana Aruguru Athalu is the story about a free spirited and bright girl Anasuya, who, with an unexpected wedding, steps in to a home with six mothers-in-law. The two Protagonists of the series, Anasuya and Chakri get married due to compulsive circumstances and Anasuya steps in to in laws’ home where she has six mothers-in-law.

Unlike Anasuya all her in laws and her husband are well organized and well disciplined. How Anasuya gets along with her in laws in her new home is the story of the series. Television artist Shruti who got popular with her character “Maami” in Mogalirekulu serial is playing Chakri’s mother. Nenu Ayana Aruguru Attalu is directed by Rukmini Krishna. Premiered on February 24th 2014 and completed 186 episodes on 27th September 2014.

Another version of this story...

ZEE Telugu TV launched on 24th February 2014 a new television series. The serial concluded on 27th September, 2014 with its 186th episode. It was watched from Monday to Saturday at 6:00PM. It is the first television series produced by Suma Rajeev Creations, and it seems like it is really appreciated by the audience according to ZEE Telugu TV ratings. Nenu Ayana Aruguru Attalu is Directed by Rukhmini Krishna and Krishna T with star actors like 'Peddamma Garu', Sruthi, Laksmi Sri and many others; they can say that they made a hit with this television serial.

Nenu Ayana Aruguru Attalu presents the story of a girl whose age for marriage arrives. She had quite an unexpected wedding and also when the time came to move into her new husband’s house she found six mothers-in-law there. Anasuya and Chakri are the married couple and the action spins around them and some marriage issues that appear with all and any couple. It is a story that keeps the audience breathlessly glued because it starts with the curiosity about how the just married girl will get along with all six mothers-in-law and how she will succeed to resist with such a pressure. For the first production of Suma Rajeev Creations Studios, it is a huge success.