Telugu Tv Serial Navya Telugu

Navya is a women-oriented show in the Telugu language that airs on channel Vanitha TV. Vanitha TV is a women-oriented channel in the Telugu language that is owned by the NTV India Group. The channel claims to be India’s first women centric channel with an exquisite list of women-oriented programs. The show, Navya was launched in the year 2016 around the month of February or March. The show is still in running and has completed over 400 episodes till date. Each episode of the show airs for around half an hour.

Navya is a women healthcare, fashion and shopping show which is has one-stop solution for all women related problems and issues, be it health wise or fashion wise. Even though women are all pros in handling any kind of problems that come in their lives all by themselves, they would all admit that when it comes to fashion and health, even the most expert women need some help and guidance. Women’s health is one of the most neglected issues in the world and a woman’s life.  

As a woman goes through multiple stages of her life, her body goes through innumerable changes and transitions. Now without proper knowledge or attention, some of these changes can affect their health adversely. Navya goes to various renowned doctors around the state of Andhra Pradesh to talk about these issues and what changes they bring in a woman’s body, how serious are these conditions and how to treat or avoid them. The show also talks to different gynaecologists about related problems and provide as much as authentic knowledge possible to the female viewers of the show.

Other than that, the doctors’ talks about some of the trending abnormalities like Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), dental problems, menstrual problems, etc. They also give tips and solutions to daily hair problems, skin problems, etc. The show dedicates an entire section to women healthcare. The show also dedicates one or two other sections totally on women fashion. This section not only provides information on major fashion trends and destinations but also gives us an insight in to the works of popular designers and the special collections under their labels.

The popular fashion icons of the industry who hail from the state, talk on this show about their journey and their work and achievements. They also talk about latest fashion trends and their collections and the various fabrics they work with like Chiffon, Ikkat, Khadi, and many others. Achievers like Dolly Jain, JJ Valaya, etc., come to the show and give the audience some tips regarding fashion and teach the viewers some different styles of draping a saree or wearing a lehengas, etc. This section of the show sometimes also includes a sneak peek into various showrooms that house the current fashion trends in terms of ethnic wear or western wear, different types of work on sarees, borderless Pattu sarees, etc.

The section also features women entrepreneurs in the state who have made a position for themselves in the society through their hard work. Married women who have opened their own homemade chocolate bakery, young girls who have generated a business out of making and selling Pelli Poola Jada which are hair flowers used during occasions and festivals, jewellery making, etc. The show also shows the different skills used in making things and the different embroideries made on fabric and all other hand work.