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Muthyamanta Pasupu Telugu Tv serials on Etv telugu
Muthyamantha Pasupu is and Indian Television Drama broadcast ETV Telugu Monday to Friday at 6.30 PM. Muthyamantha Pasupu premiered on 27th March 2013 and ends on 15th March 2014. The Lead roles are played by Chakri, Sangeetha, Nanda Kishore, Rallapalli, Hariteja, Prasadbabu, Rajya Lakshmi and Manju Bhargavi.

Muthyamantha Pasupu is the story of a girl Kalyani, who belongs from a very orthodox and strict family. Everybody has to live by a rule in the family. Despite the fact that she is born and brought up in a strict family, Kalyani has a different view towards life, And her life takes a turn when she falls in love with someone, when her family comes to know about her relationship they are totally against it. When Kalyani felt the negativity of her family towards her relationship she decided to elope with her boyfriend do that they can marry. She was very happy that now she is with a person who she loves and no one can apart them, but inside she has a fear of separation also. After a time a person called Vamshi allows them to live in his house and they felt so thankful, but there struggle starts when Vamshi dies and then chain of action and drama begins but Kalyani cross and handle every obstacle and in the end she was excepted by her family and serial ends with a happy note.

Muthyamantha Pasupu was one the popular shows on the channel and the acting of the lead roles were very appreciated by the audiences.

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The Muthyamantha Pasupu serial was telecasted on ETV at 6:30 pm from Monday to Saturday. It was started on 27th May’2013 and has successfully completed its 252nd (final. episode on 15th March’2014.

Muthyamantha Pasupu serial was directed by Govind Eaamani and produced by Anitha Krishna. The screenplay of this serial was written by V.Ramachandra Rao. Famous Telugu film music director Mani Sharma has given the music for the title song of Muthyamantha Pasupu. The title song is written by the famous Telugu film Lyricist Ramajogayya Shastry.

Hariteja, Nanda Kishore, Chakri, Prasad Babu, Rajyalakshmi, Manju Bhargavi, 

S.P. Balasubramanyam, Rallapalli etc. have acted in this serial.

A woman named Kalyani is the main leading character of this serial. Kalyani is daughter of Naagineedu and Sharada. Kalyani’s marriage is fixed with Aakash, son of Ranga Rao and Lalitha. The story of Muthyamanta Pasupu starts with the episode of Kalyani’s elopement with her boy friend. As she hails from an orthodox family where family’s prestige and rules and regulations are far superior to her mind’s wish and love, she elopes with her boy friend Vamsi in order to get married to him. Vamsi is friend of Aakash. Vamsi did not know that Kalyani’s marriage is fixed with Aakaash. Vamsi and Kalyani get married. A stranger gives the couple shelter. Kalyani’s worries come forward after Vamsi dies. The rest of the story runs with the interesting twists and turns in Kalyani’s life.