Telugu Tv Serial Mr Mallanna

Mr.Mallanna Telugu Tv serials on Maa tv

Mr Mallanna​ is comedy serial aired on Maa TV from Monday through Thursday at 7:30 PM in the year 2010. The name is adapted from recent hit movie of that year Mallanna so is the theme music of the whole series.

The story revolves around woman who is to inherit riches from her grandfather but grandfather senses risk of getting his wealth robbed, plans to hide all possessions underground with help of his noble servant Mallanna(male protagonist). Rajanala, antagonist too wants to get his hand on the hidden treasure. With bunch of goons he gets chance to abduct Mallanna. In the trial to save the whereabouts of the treasure Mallanna gets killed and his soul couldn’t leave the earth with desire to guide the treasure to rightful owner. His soul gets trapped in a Hundred rupee currency note. The note gets into hands of an innocent and ignorant person Balakrishna aka Bali. The speciality of this currency note is, it encourages good man to do noble things and bad man to do evil things to others. With help of two kids, Mallanna gets to come out of the currency note but still stuck with the mortal world.

To attain salvation, he finds the rightful owner of the treasure and helps to get it. How they find the treasure and avoid the goons and rowdies to get their hands on it? What they do with the found treasure is known while the story unfolds. The fun and humour in the chase between Bali and Mallanna soul is credible. Communication between two gives instant burst of laughter to all viewers. The excellent graphic effects of transformations and special effects like magic mirror escalates the series to next level of entertainment. It has been a great pleasure to all audience watching these funny episodes at the end of their chaotic and hectic days. It has been a fun for all ages including stay home women and elderly people, got relief from long day routine. Kids loved the graphic parts and humour by the ghost.