Telugu Tv Serial Moodu Mullu

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Moodu Mullu is a Telugu television soap opera. This television show is actually a dubbed version of the very famous Hindi serial, Sasural Simar Ka, which comes on the channel Colors. The main cast of this show includes Dipika Kakar, who plays the main female lead role of Simar, and alongside her is Dheeraj Dhoopar, who plays the main male lead role of Prem Bharadwaj. The creation and production of the original version have been done by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms Limited. The story of the original show revolves around Simar and Roli, who are sisters by birth. They both get married into the Bharadwaj family. Simar gets wedded to Prem Bharadwaj in the beginning, and eventually Roli gets wedded to Siddhant Bharadwaj.

The plot of this show tells how these two sisters achieves to become the perfect daughters-in-law of the very sophisticated and prestigious Bhardwaj family. The story had been marked with a lot of twists in the plot with sequential entries of villains one after the other. Simar and Roli deal with Khushi, Jhanvi, Veeru, Meghna, Shaurya, Devi, Jwala, Vikrant, Rajveer, Mausji, and finally Rajeshwari. But the show doesn’t end with this. After taking a leap of two years, the storyline comeback marking the entry of supernatural beings who threaten the existence of the Bharadwaj family. But even in this case, Simar and Roli, tackle and defeats all of them. They take care of every creature, one by one, who are: Sunaina, who was a ghost, Maya, who was an Ichhadhari Naagin, Mohini, who was a Daayan, Indravati, who was again a Daayan, Gayatri, who was a Patali Devi, Maalti, who was a Daayan, Madhvi, who was a ghost, and finally Shaitan, who was the devil himself.

Eventually, in the story, Roli gets killed while she was trying to save Simar from Shaitan and Patali Devi. At Roli’s death, Sidharth begins to accuse Simar of being the reason for Roli’s death, and he decides to leave the house. Meanwhile, Mataji tries to handle this situation and succeeds in stopping Siddhant from leaving. Between all this havoc playing in the lives of the individual family members of the Bharadwaj family, Simar due to some twist in the tale turns into a housefly. The twist is that Simar got cursed by Gurudev, and became a housefly. After a lot of difficulties, she transforms herself back to her human form and defeats Chandramani. The story continues with every happy ending becoming a new beginning of an all new adventure.