Telugu Tv Serial Mangamma Gari Manavaralu

Mangamma Gari Manavaraalu Telugu Tv serials on Zee telugu

‘Mangamma Gari Manavaralu’ is the Telugu daily serial which is being telecast on ‘Zee Telugu’. The story revolves around ‘Mangamma’ who is a strong, angry and rich lady. The character Mangamma shows up with maintaining the attitude and individuality. The role is played by ‘Shiva Parvathi’ who is a famous actress. Mangamma is the kind of woman who believes that everything should happen as per her wish and no one dares to face her anger when anything goes against her will. Sakethram is the grandson of Mangamma.

She decides for ‘Sakethram’ to get married and keeps searching for the right bride. She decides and sets some rules on how the girl should be, who is coming in to his grandson’s life. She comes across Seetha and gathers all the information regarding her and she was impressed by Seetha and decides that she is the right girl. She testifies her in her own way of pride. Seetha’s family is very happy for that when Mangamma approached their family.

Later Seetha comes to know the character of Mangamma and believes that “Sakethram” was grown as a Puppet in the hands of his grandmother. She dislikes that Sakethram has no individuality and at times she even rejected him to marry. She got irritated by his grandmother and the situations going on around. The plot goes with the conflict between Mangamma and Seetha and how well she responded to Mangamma. The story goes up with lots of twists and what attracted the viewers most was, the narration of fight between pride and self-respect. The show has got a huge response from the audience and stood as one of the top most watched serials in Indian Telugu channels. It got good TRP ratings which sets the serial in top position.