Telugu Tv Serial Mamathala Kovela

Mamathala kovela Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv

Mamathala Kovela is the series that aired on Gemini. Mamathala Kovela is a family drama that revolves around Shakti. The story starts when the protagonist – Ravi, gets engaged to his uncle’s daughter. Ravi was all set for the marriage and takes the responsibility of family business. Ravi goes to attend his friend’s sister Shakti’s marriage but the marriage gets cancelled at the last moment. Ravi marries her to save the reputation of Shakti’s family. Initially, Ravi’s family was against the marriage.

They don’t accept Shakti as their daughter in law. Yet, Shakti impresses everyone in the family with her good nature. When everything is going good in their family, there is a twist when Ravi meets with an accident. Shakti, who was 9 months pregnant, gets completely shattered with the news of Ravi’s death. Shakti takes up the business’ responsibility after her husband and saves the family from bankruptcy. Meanwhile, Tangam, Shakti’s partner proposes her for marriage.

Though Shakti was reluctant to the proposal at first, she decides to move on in life and accepts his proposal. Tangam marries Shakti and accepts her child. Finally, the show ends when the police arrests the business partners who attempt to kill Shakti. This serial successfully ran 764 episodes on Gemini TV.