Telugu Tv Serial Mahalakshmi

Mahalakshmi Telugu Tv serials on Maa tv
From Monday to Friday at 9PM Maa TV presents for 30 minutes a television serial Drama, Mahalakshmi. It continues to be broadcasted weekly and the last episode was on 30th August 2014 and is not giving any signs that will finish very soon, for the delight of the audience who appreciates this serial very much.

Directed by M. Radhakrishnan helped by the well chosen cast like Nagababu, Pravalika, Bharani, Niharika and many other great actors can take all the credential for this successfully television serial.

Mahalakshmi presents the story of a married woman who lives under the same roof with her mother-in-law and another woman. The other woman is jealous of her because is smarter and more beautiful. All the time she tries to make her look bad in front of her husband and her mother-in-law but as she is a smart woman she solve the misunderstandings all the time. She is blamed for many things and she never responds to her back and she is so calm, gentle and soft spoken and in this way she takes all the credentials and the advantages. In this way the serial tries to present how hard the life can be when you are under the same roof with other persons and presents the idea that a just married couple should move into their house and leave the parents alone and all the in laws.