Telugu Tv Serial Lucky Lakshmi

Lucky Lakshmi Telugu tv-serials on Gemini TV



Lucky Lakshmi is a Telugu game-based show that runs on the channel Gemini TV. The well-known host who goes by the name of Udaya Bhanu is the host of the show. The show opens with a song to which the host dances to and this fun-filled and laid back show, is received well amongst the watchers of the show. It is interesting in certain aspects of its multiple involvements with various celebrities who participate in the show. The show stands out when compared with other reality shows, as it does not involve a great amount of struggle to win the competition and achieve the promised prizes. The show includes various games that usually begins with the asking of questions that are completely based on general knowledge. This aspect brings more interest to the show, and the viewers are engaged with it accordingly.

Another specialty of the show is that the female viewers are known to appreciate the wardrobe choices of the host in each episode. Udaya Bhanu stuns everyone with her excellent choices in sarees and costumes, which she wears during her multiple appearances on the show. The actors from the recently released film ‘ Vinavayya Ramayya’ are known to have appeared on the show. The actors Naga Avnesh, Chandradeep, and Kruthika Jaya Kumar, who accordingly played the characters of Chanti, Veerababu and Janaki, appeared on the show Lucky Lakshmi to promote their film. This was also one of their first screening experience, and they shared their experiences with Udaya Bhanu on the show. A series of devised games are programmed for the ladies, who participate in the afternoon.

This show runs on the sheer luck of the participant and is based on simplicity that decides the luck of the participant. In one of the games, the show will have three different women participating against each other. These three women will have to choose from multiple eggs that are provided on the show. These eggs contain hidden numbers in the form of various digits. The woman who picks the combination of the best digits wins the competition. There are certain moves that have been incorporated from the mangata, and the show runs by following the format of all these moves.