Telugu Tv Serial Kanyadanam

Kanyadhanam Telugu Tv serials on Zee telugu

Kanyadanam is a drama series which airs on the Zee Telugu channel. It got broadcasted every weekday from Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM. It got inspired by the Hindi drama series titled Saat Phere which used to air on Zee TV. Kanyadanam got based upon that show but modified to make it more acceptable to the native Telugu audience who are the main viewers of the program. The series has been set up with a coastal backdrop and takes a look at the wealthy and the upper-middle class cultures which exist.

It shows us the story of a woman who was born with a dark complexion and has to face numerous problems post her marriage owing to this characteristic. As the story kicks off, we find that the protagonist gets treated differently by her mother as compared to her siblings owing to her skin color. She feels out of place a lot of times due to this and fights hard to win her mother’s love and attention. With passing time, she gets married into a rich household.

The proposal had initially come for her sister, but she gets chosen by the groom owing to her maturity. This sudden turn of events creates friction between the two sisters and leads to a growing animosity. With time passing by, her sister falls in love with an unsuitable character who is merely using her. In spite of her warnings, her sister gets involved with him and lands into trouble. At her in-laws’ place, her husband’s aunt comes to stay with them and tries her best to break up their marriage.

Her aunt tries to do this since she wanted her nephew to marry a girl of her choosing but he didn’t. It is also revealed that her husband had gotten married to before her. People thought that he had killed her since she wished to marry his elder brother. But in reality, it was his aunt who had planned and carried out the murder while pinning her nephew for the crime.

The story continues through a variety of twists and turns. It also highlights the jibes and adverse attitude she has to face owing to her skin color. She, however, doesn’t let it deter her and fights for her family’s future and what she believes is the right path. The show was well received by the audiences who admired the central female protagonist. A slew of strong actors in pivotal roles adds to the beauty of the series.