Telugu Tv Serial Kanchana Ganga

Kanchana Ganga Telugu Tv serials on Maa tv

Kanchanaganga is a Telugu daily serial which was being telecasted on Maa TV on every Monday to Friday at 08:30 PM to 09:00 PM IST. The show is one of the popular serial on MAA TV and it became famous within a short time. Kanchanaganga is the story of two women who come across each other in their lives unexpectedly. The two female lead roles, one being the positive character and good while the other was in negative role with evil in mind and heart. They do not know each other well, but they come across each other in a wedding ceremony and locked each other. It’s a typical drama.

The evil women tries to drag her into faulty situations while the other tries to be good and do good for everyone. But the negative lead tries to convert them into unconditional and bad situations. The show progresses with how she overcomes the bad situations and how she proves herself innocent and proves the negative lead guilty. The show successfully completed more than 500 episodes and is continuing to induce the audience to watch it without missing. The show got good response from the viewers and ultimately, the serial became a hit among the other serials which are being telecasted at the same time in the competitive channels. The show was running successfully with high TRP ratings.

Another version of this story...

Kanchanaganga serial is being successfully telecasting on Maa TV at 7:30 pm from Monday to Friday and it has completed 567 episodes as on 22nd August, 2014. Kanchanaganga serial is directed by Anwar Vadamala and produced by Ashok Nalajala. 'Bhavana', 'Prithvi', 'Manjula', 'Preethi Nigam', Kalyan Prasad, 'Nirupam' etc. have acted in this serial. The screenplay is an asset for this serial. It was given by famous Telugu novel writer Kommanaapalli Ganapathi Rao. It has helped very much in increasing the Maa TV channel’s TRPs.

This is the tale of two females who are fated to be together. Both of them do not know the real identification of the other for quite some time. They got married which gets complicated and unravels the whole tale to get the viewer’s concern for one lady and hate for the other. There is continuous conflict between the two, which improves as the story goes on. There is revenge on one lady’s mind based on her dad's lust and she takes vow to end her but has to stay with her and take all her kindness. The men have the different formula and there is also the other stage villainy of females to add to the story. The tale mainly revolves around these two ladies.