Telugu Tv Serial Jhansi

Jhansi Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv

Jhansi is a drama series which airs on the Gemini TV channel. The story of the show follows the relationship between a mother and her daughter and the inherent struggles they both go through. They both have different aspirations and expectations in life and eventually clash with each other. The story has been deftly handled which gives both the lead characters believable stories. They both share an intricate chemistry which emanates from the blood they share as mother and daughter.

This is what ties them together and binds their fates. But they are ideologically opposite to each other and from therein permeates the force which leads them on a collision course. They are steadfast, strong women who are both fighting for what they believe to be the right path. As the story keeps unfolding, we come across other characters as well who assist them. Some of them create obstacles as well. They, however, continue to fight and push forward, working towards their own goals.

At the same time, their relation continues to develop with its own complexities. Jhansi portrays this battle between the ladies, the love and the relationship which they hate from the bond of motherhood. On the one side, we find a daughter who has seen a life which gets filled with struggles and hardships. This has left nothing but wounds on her mind and soul, scarring her for life. On the other hand, we find her mother. She is an icon in the administrative world.

An idol who gets looked up to by all officials and even ordinary citizens from around us. Fate placed them on separate paths where both mother and daughter continued to fight their own battles. But soon, fate forced them to cross paths as well. The ensuing battle between them tests their loyalties and relationship. They get tested time and time again. It is not easy to choose between their responsibilities, but none can shirk it away either.

The series portrays this complex relation between two powerful personalities very deftly. Both the leading ladies have done justice to their roles. The script is tightly packed and executed making sure that a dull moment does not exist. The pace grips the audience, ensuring they continue to watch diligently. The characters and their relationships get handled nicely by the director who gives everyone a strong base to work with. They are extremely relatable and command the audience’s sympathy.