Telugu Tv Serial Jeevanarekha Women

Jeevanarekha Women Telugu TV SERIALS on ETV Life

Jeevanarekha, a Telugu language TV show, is an ETV Life channel TV show. The channel telecast this health-concern TV show in the year 2016. The TV show was a Women’s special TV show. It was exclusively made for the women.

The show specifically dealt with the health issues related to the women. Most of them were the problems related to the pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and post pregnancy period. Famous Gynecologists, doctors, and pediatricians come on the show. These guests talked about the three phases of pregnancy. One of the episodes was completely based on the post pregnancy period. The episodes based on this period explained health issues, myths, questions related to this period.

There was an episode on how women could check their pregnancy status at their homes. The gynecologist taught the women how they could test their pregnancy with natural methods at their homes. There was another episode on the education on the period when a woman conceives. There was a lot of information provided by the Gynecologists on how women should take care of themselves, what kind of food they should it, and what kind of precautions women should take at such time. After this, there was an episode on the pregnancy period which was further divided into two periods.

The gynecologists and pediatricians were invited for these episodes. They discussed with the audiences firstly about the first three months of the pregnancy. They told the audiences how delicate the first three months are and how important it is to medically take care of the body. They told the audiences how important it is to consult a doctor, eat the right kind of food, take care of the body, accept the changes that this phase brings, and balance between work and rest. The other period was the next six months. The doctors talked about the physical and emotional changes this phase brings.

Every woman needs to adapt to these changes keeping in consideration the tiniest of things; starting from their mood swings to change in appearance, change in the health conditions, change in eating habits, and a complete change in lifestyle. The other episode was based on the post pregnancy period. In these episodes, the doctors taught the audiences to adapt to a new lifestyle. The body of the woman needs a lot of care during this period as well. Also, the pediatricians talked to the audiences the ways to take care of the new born and, themselves.