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Telugu Tv Serial Gruha Lakshmi - Telugu

Gruha Lakshmi - Telugu Telugu Tv serials on Maa gold
Gruha Lakshmi (Goddess of household) is family drama series aired on Gemini Tv from Monday to Friday at 5:30 PM. This series is dubbed from Hindi series “Sabki Jodi Wohi Banaata Bhagyavidhaata” AKA “Bhagyavidhaata” aired on colors TV. In Hindi the series was aired in two seasons whereas season 1 being dubbed and telecasting presently on Gemini Tv now. The first episode of this series was aired on 20th January 2014. Ever since then it been a hit to keep viewers tuned through the episodes. 
The story of this serial revolves around Vidya, an innocent and compassionate middle class Indian girl who gets married to Vinay, a rich Indian man by the laws of bride’s village which is to get the bridegroom taken hostage and force him to marry her at gunpoint. Ever after Vidya, faces rejection and aversion from Vinay and his family members. To some point Vinay gets to verdict of getting over with her through legal or with all family mutual understanding. But to the good fortune of Vidya, some changes happen in their family where members of both families get to arrange marriage between youngster cousins of vidya to cousins of Vinay who deeply fall in love for each other. Gradually, Vidya earns the respect and care she deserves from Vinay and consummates their marriage. Later been accepted completely by all family members, she gets to taste the fruits of affection. She gets pregnant and then her fate take drift changes in her life making the plot more interesting. 
In Telugu version, so far it is aired to the point when Vinay wants to take divorce from Vidya. How the story unfolds to grant the respect Vidya deserved had to be seen on TV. As of 23rd September 2014, so far 115 episodes been aired on TV. Rest of the episodes might take the viewers to another level of interesting screenplay. This series is being accepted and duly watched by many families.

Another Version Of This Bio:

Gruha Lakshmi is a Telugu television series. This television show is a daily serial. This television series is telecasted daily in Gemini TV. The show is telecasted every day, from Monday to Friday, at 2:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., on Gemini TV. This television show is basically a dubbed version of the original Hindi television show, called Bhaagyavidaatha, which used to be telecasted on the very famous channel Colors. The original version presented a total number of five hundred and twenty episodes, divided into two seasons. It aired on Colors, since May 4, 2009.

It was presented under the banner of Shreya Creations, which is a very popular Production Company in Hindi television soap opera industry. The first and second season featured popular stars of daily soap operas, like Smita Singh, Vishal Karwal, Richa Soni, and Parul Yadav, along with others. The concept of this television show revolves around how God creates and designs everyone’s life to be. It also talks about how we come across numerous situations and still retain our faith in the Almighty, our Lord, and the truth in the society. This show walks its viewers through the concept of prolonged faith in the Lord, and how it leads to true contentment and happiness in individual lives.

This show revolves around this concept as its main focus. The lead character in the story of this explicit soap opera is Vidya. Vidya belongs to a humble and middle-class family. Eventually, she is forced into marriage with the son of a very wealthy family. She tackles and overcomes numerous painful situations and events that happen to her, inside her in-law’s house. And finally, she gains her husband’s feelings towards her. Then one day, suddenly, her husband dies, which is basically a plot made by the God. This series’ story shows its viewers, how she overcomes and tackles these situations, and moves forward with her life.

In the end, how God creates and designs everyone’s life to be, and how we come across numerous situations and still retain our faith in the Almighty and the truth in the society, what this show delivers to its viewers. This show walks through the concept of prolonged faith in the Lord, and how it leads to true contentment and happiness in individual lives.