Telugu Tv Serial Gorintaku

Gorintaku Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
Gorintaku is a Telugu TV soap Opera drama serial aired on channel Gemini TV Monday through Friday at 7.30 PM. It has been successfully broadcasting as 65 seasons of 648 episodes. This is one the biggest serials to broadcast in its time. Gorintaku means a plant leaf in Telugu where scientific name is Lawsonia inermis. This leaf is used by most of the women in India for all occasions and festivals. In South India, the deep coloration is taken as a symbol of love towards her husband. As red and pigmented her skin turns so much is the love of her husband to her. 
Inspired by this folklore writer gets to make a plot of realistic emotions and affections of typical Indian woman. The story revolves around a woman who gets engaged and when her marriage day is around the corner, she gets kidnapped by some goons. How she comes out to and gets back to live with her husband is the main expectation from this serial. The great twists and thrills in the serial makes viewers keep interested to wait and watch. 
This serial was aired every Veteran actors and beautiful actresses are backbones to the wonderful response it got. The last episode was aired on 29th June 2012 with happy ending and a feel for return of the villain. This story is all about the emotions and love in typical Indian family as well as vengeance of woman to steal the love her sister.