Telugu Tv Serial Egire Pavurama

Egire Pavurama Telugu Tv serials on Etv telugu

Egire Pavurama is a Telugu television serial telecast on ETV Telugu channel. This serial is about two Families. It shows, the deeper a relationship is, the easier it breaks, as one mistake breaks the trust on the basis on which it was built. The story goes like this. Two men are best friends and are married. Coincidentally, they both become fathers at the same time and their son and daughter are born one after another. After that, they celebrate each and every birthday of their children together. After some years, one of them dies. And the wife of the other friend dies. This makes one family being led by a male head while the other one if a female-run family.

The starting scene of this serial shows both families mourning the death of their kids, the ones who were born on the same date. All the family members have gathered to pay their condolence to the dead. On one hand, the male lead family have lost their son, while the female lead family has lost their daughter. And coincidentally they both blame the other family for the death. Both of these deaths are connected. But the families don't know. These families hate each other. The father of the dead boy had hurt his son before his death. Now he feels sorry. He is seeing his son everywhere. But he does not know that his own family is hiding something from him and planning some conspiracy behind his back.

The other family led by the female head is really angry and wants to take revenge on the friend's family. She knows what is happening in the family of her friend. She confronts the eldest son of the other family. The male-led family is involved in a family business. All the brothers of this family have secrets and are plotting along with their wives about gaining the most from the family. A gangster is also involved. He plays an important role in this serial.