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Ee Tharam Illalu” is the Telugu daily serial which was telecasting on MAA TV. The origin is from Hindi serial - “Diya Aur Bati Hum”, which was telecasted on Star Plus on 29 August 2011. The show was directed by Sumeet Mittal Sumeet Mittal, a young man from Ahmedabad, is a mu >> Read More... and ‘ Rohit Raj Goyal The director of Star Plus’s popular show Diya Aur >> Read More... ’, written by the writers ‘ Shashi Mittal Shashi Mittal is the co-founder of the famous prod >> Read More... ’, ‘ Seema Mantri Bio coming soon... >> Read More... ’ and ‘ Raghuvir Shekhawat Apart from the storyline, the most important featu >> Read More... ’, starring ‘ Anas Rashid Anas Rashid is widely known for his character as S >> Read More... ’ and ‘ Deepika Singh Deepika Singh was born on 26 July 1989 in a very >> Read More... ’ in the key roles. ‘Ana Rashid’ played the role of Suraj Arun Rathi and ‘Deepika Singh’ (sandhya) as ASP Sandhya Suraj Rathi. The genre of the plot is Romantic Drama. The story is about a pair Sandhya and Suraj. Sandhya is from a middle-class family who dreams of becoming a police officer forms her childhood. She wants to break the boundary lines of her middle-class values.

Suraj has his own mind set who believes in individuality and not depending on others. He owns a sweet shop nearby his house. Sandhya would get pressured a lot to get married. The story progresses with Suraj and Sandhya getting married against the will of Sandhya. Sandhya gets break for her studies due to her marriage. Her dream of becoming a police officer got totally scrambled due to her mother-in-law, who is not happy with Sandhya, becoming a police officer. The plot goes with Suraj supporting her in every aspect of life and how he strengthens her wife to fulfil her dream. Finally, she becomes an ASP and continues to show her services as an officer and has a great career. The show has attracted huge audience within a short span of time and has got high TRP ratings. It gathered a lot of viewers due to its plot. The show has been dubbed into Tamil as “ En Kanavan En Thozhan En Kanavan En Thozhan is a popular Tamil TV serial >> Read More... ” and remade in different languages, such as in to Malayalam as “ Parasparam Parasparam is a remake of the Hindi serial, 'D >> Read More... ” which telecasts on Asianet, into Bengali as “Tomay Amay Mile” which airs on Star Jalsha and in Kannada as “Akashadeepa “ which telecasts on Asianet Suvarna.

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Ee Tharam Illalu is an Indian television drama broadcast on Maa TV from Monday to Friday at 6.30 PM. Ee Tharam Illalu started in 2011 and is running till now. Ee Tharam Illaluis originally a Hindi serial which is dubbed in Telugu. Ea Tharam IIalu is directed by Sumeet H. Mittal, produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions, written by Shashi Mittal. Lead roles are played by Anas Rashid (Suraj Rathi) and Deepika Singh (Sandhya Rathi). Ea Tharam IIalu is a story of a girl, Sandhya who dreams about becoming IPS, but unwillingly gets married to Suraj, who is uneducated and runs a sweet shop. Sandhya’s parent died in an accident and when her brother got the visa for the USA, he just wanted to get Sandhya married as soon as possible and on the other hand, Suraj’s mother wanted to marry her son within 15 days as his marriage was broke off. Sandhya’s brother lied with Suraj’s mother that Sandhya is not much educated and also lied to Sandhya that Suraj is educated.

After marriage when Sandhya finds the truth about her brother’s lie, she gets shattered. Sandhya wanted to tell her in-laws the truth, but her brother and his wife stop her and then, the truth got revealed when she was unable to do the household works and her Examination result also comes and her mother in law tells her to leave the house, but Suraj convinces her and his mother agreed only if Sandhya will prove that she will be a good Daughter in law. Sandhya passes the test. Later, a chain of events happen like Suraj participating in the best chef competition, Suraj’s sister’s wedding fixed, Suraj’s brother sets fire in his own shop to make money from Suraj, but Sandhya handles every situation bravely. Later, she has to give another test to prove herself that she is eligible to be an IPS and when she proved herself, she was allowed to give an exam. When Sandhya clears the Exam, her mother-in-law allows her to go for training with one condition that her posting will be in Pushkar only and for this, she has to win the Best Cadet’s Trophy. While training, she faced everything like competition from teammates, injury, pressure of Suraj’s sister’s marriage, fear of being pregnant, Naxalite attack, but she handled every situation bravely and won the Best Cadet’s Trophy.

The day she got appointed as IPS, her mother in law tells her that she is proud of her and the bond between the two becomes strong. Sandhya has to face so many problems in her career, as in the starting, she tries to remove the corruption from the department, she was also demoted but she continues her fight and handles the situations… Ee Tharam Illalu is quite a big hit among the audiences; the show is running with good TRP.

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Ee Tharam Illalu Serial is all about the story of Sandhya and Surya, wherein Surya mean rising of the sun, Sandhya mean setting of the sun. They are exactly different in nature but combined each other in the relation of marriage. Ee Tharam Illalu serially belongs to Romantic drama genre (Romantic Category) wherein the viewers will enjoy the story of Surya and Sandhya. How Surya help his ambitious wife to achieve the dream of becoming an IPS Officer.

Ee Tharam Illalu is Hindi serial which is dubbed in Telugu and Directed by Sumeet Mittal and produced by Shashi-Sumeet production. Written by Sumeet Mittal. The lead role is by Anas Rashid (Surya) and Deepika Singh (Sandhya). Sandhya is a very ambitious and want to become an IAS Officer. She married to Surya unexpectedly because of his brother. Surya runs a sweet shop as he was an uneducated person. The turning points for both of them. So how Sandhya deals with life after this incident is the line of serial. She wants to become an IAS even after marriage.

Mother-in-law doesn't agree with this decision. Surya and Sandhya later get permission from the mother. So how they managed to do so and how she manages both Home Maker and IAS Officer Makes this story. The Bond of the relationship between mother-in-law and Sandhya became good as she appointed as IPS. In an IPS career, she has gone through many difficulties, she fights and handles all the situation. Ee Tharam Illalu is quite a big hit among the audiences; the show is running with good TRP.

The serial has crew and cast like Anas Rashid, Deepika Singh, ' Gautam Gulati A young, handsome, and most-talented hero look guy >> Read More... ', Ashok Lokhande Ashok Lokhande was born on July 13, 1950. He compl >> Read More... and Directed by Sumeet Mittal. The serial telecast from Monday to Friday at 6.30 p.m. on MAA TV.

Deepika Singh as Sandhya: A girl dream to be an IPs because she gets inspiration from a father. But Life of Sandhya changes drastically after the death of his parent in a bomb blast. She married to Surya because of her brother. All Dreams of her got broken as she married to Surya and he belongs to the conservative family. Strict mother of Surya didn't allow Sandhya to achieve her the dream. Strict mother of Surya accepts Sandhya's dream with a promise that she will be managing both roles - IPs and a daughter. After this, Sandhya has to go to Hyderabad for her training. The best trophy of cadet goes to her. Sandhya got the IPs in her hometown. All family members are happy now. Sandhya got a transfer to the traffic department. The Previous post of Sandhya is taken up by the friend named as Zakir. A politician, named as Kavitha wants to take revenge from Rathi’s family but her plan got spoiled by her. Kavitha gets arrested.