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Telugu Tv Serial Charandasi - Telugu

Charandasi - Telugu Telugu TV SERIALS on ZEE TELUGU

Charandasi is a Telugu-dubbed serial that airs on ZEE TELUGU, the original being of the same name telecast on ETV at 6 pm from Monday to Friday. The story focuses on Deepa, who loses her mother at a very young age, and gets shunned by her father who believes her to be a bad omen to their family. He doesn’t show any love towards Deepa’ hating her very existence, and making her toil hard in the house. Deepa’ being a good daughter, does everything her family asks of her, trying to impress them but in vain. Her sister takes all the credits leaving her to get neglected by everyone. As they grow up this attitude is yet to change.

As time goes by, she is married off to a man named Karthik. She enters her in-laws place with hope and dreams in her eyes of finally getting a happy and peaceful life. She believes that she would get the respect that she truly deserves but alas! Her in-laws turn out to be as negligent towards her as her father and show her neither respect nor love. However, Deepa is a dutiful wife and daughter-in-law. Her honesty and goodwill pay off and everyone starts to like her. She gives birth to a baby girl later on in the show and she finally feels that her life and family are complete.

However, the entry of another shrewd woman named Padmini turns her life upside down. Padmini does everything in her power to get what she wants and hence she doesn’t give up any opportunities to humiliate Deepa. However, Deepa is strong enough to overcome all her problems and succeeds in keeping her self-respect. Deepa loses to Padmini when she manages to take away Deepa’s baby from her by somehow convincing everyone that she would be the one to take care of the baby. Outraged, Deepa opposes her and warns her of consequences if any ill fortune falls upon the baby. The story continues further about how Deepa gets back her child despite Padmini’s evil motives.