Telugu Tv Serial Changure Bangaru Lady

Changuray Bangaru Lady Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv

Changure Bangaru Lady is a Telugu television serial that aired on Gemini TV. The show is a reality tv game show that is based on women. It is hosted by Udaya Bhanu. She is a very charming and sweet lady with an amazing personality. She is the one that holds the whole show together. The show begins with the host introducing one by one, the contestants who come and dance and then challenge each other for the upcoming games. There are different yet very interesting and fun games that are played by both the contestants and the one with the highest scores is declared as the winner. There are certain rules of each game which are read to the contestants and the audience before they begin playing. At the end of all this, the winner gets to win a huge sum of money or gold or more prizes.

It is a light-hearted show that aired at noon, a time when most of the housewives get some free time to relax from their house chores and responsibilities and could enjoy a free dosage of fun. There is no bias in the show and winning any game is based on hard work from the part of the contestants and their luck.