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Batuku Jataka Bandi Telugu Tv serials on Zee telugu

Zee Telugu is a leading Telugu television channel offered by the Zee network. Zee Telugu telecasts show in various genres of Entertainment including drama, comedy, romance and a lot more. The show produces tv-shows that bring its viewers closer to the channel, thereby creating an intimate bond between the two. Bathuku Jataka Bandi is another such initiative taken by the show to resolve disputes and conflicts between families as well as couples to help them lead a happy and cheerful life. The show telecasts from Monday to Saturday at 12 PM on Zee Telugu. It has two successful seasons. The first season of the program was hosted by the gorgeous actress Suma Latha and was directed by Suresh Surapaneni.

Due to the immense popularity of the first season, the channel decided to go with the second season which is hosted by Jeevita Rajasekhar. Season two, episode 1 was aired on 6 July 2016 addressing the issue of a woman, who’s abandoned by her husband for having kidney problems. Assuming that the woman cannot have kids, he remarries. Jeevita tries to get justice for the grieving heart. The empathetic host tries to address social issues on the show and sort them out with the help of discussion and reason. The program also provides psychological and therapeutic assistance to the needy. The motto of the show defines that life is short. And hence, instead of wasting it on arguing about material things and breeding anger, anxiety, ego and other negative emotions within ourselves, we should clean our soul with productive counseling and live in harmony.

Sometimes, social experiments are also carried out by the program to show the world the power as well as the necessity of positivity in the world. The show has had its ups and downs. On September 27, 2016, a case was filed on the program telecasted by Zee Telugu by a person named Konda in Secunderabad Police Station stating that Zee officials forced him to participate in the show against his will. A case also registered against Jeevita Rajasekhar. Another such incident happened when the host insulted a queer couple on the show. Her statements appeared offensive to the LGBTQ groups of the country. She emphasized that these kinds of relationships are prevalent in the western culture and should not be followed in the country. As a result, the show was condemned by the LGBTQ community of the country for a long time.

Another version of the Serial...

Bathuku Jataka Bandi is a serious talk show where discussions on relationship problems take place resulting to solutions on the same. Aired on Zee Telugu, it is a counseling aid for families who are under pressure and unbalanced relations. The show hosted by actress Suma Latha and directed by Suresh Surapaneni, received praise for the success it gained for uniting more than fifty families. The second season hosted by actresses Jeevitha Rajashekar was aired on 6 July 2015. She brings people together so that they are reunited to leave a peaceful life ahead. Both the season were similar in goals and content. The most important thing in a healthy relationship is communication.

This show gives a platform to the participants to sit face to face and discuss their problems. They are given psychological and legal aid so that they come to a solution. They are advised not to ignore problems or else it can lead to issues. On the episode of April 22 issues based on the extra-marital affair was touched. On 12 January 2016 in the 132 episode, a child was given justice. It was one of the most touching episodes in the history of the show. Also in the episode aired on 8 July, a father-daughter relationship took a new life. Marriages and other rituals took place on the sets of this show. Anuradha Gudur, the Business Head at Zee Telugu talked about the social responsive show launched and that the channel has risen as a representative in the Telugu General Entertainment Channel.

In an interview with Jeevitha, she said that life is short and one should take it very positively. There should not be negative feelings like anger, anxiety towards anyone. People should live with harmony without fighting for property or power. She added that the show’s principle motive of uniting people was the primary reason for her to become the part of the TV show. Sometimes this show takes a different turn. The discussions lead to debates, and the debates lead to arguments. It sometimes takes a look at courtroom drama where a particular person is made answerable. These twist and turns make the show very exciting.

Criticized for using sorrows and pains of others to increase their TRP, they were bashed by people for having the show scripted and fake. People like gossiping and poking nose in lives of others. This show gives the audience ready-made made stories making the show a gripping topic of discussion. Different topics related to the society and performance of various Social Experiments take place. Along with the awareness campaign, “unity is strength” is instilled in the minds of people.