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Anthapuram Telugu Tv serials on Etv telugu

The Anthapuram is a Telugu serial. It has a story of a girl which grabs your attention. The role of the women is important as that of a male in the society. The girl child can do anything that she wishes to do so. We have moved further in this 21st century, but the thinking of the society is not changing as we are moving forward. The Anthapuram is the famous serial on the ETV. The TRP of this serial is increasing day by day due to its newly born concept of the script. An engaging story line and the classic Anthapuram title song is what made this Anthapuram one of the most famous serials of its time.

The Anthapuram presents the struggle of the girl.  It also depicts the background of the Anthapuram and the mentality of the people living in this location. The environment of society matters for the development of the person in the social life. If it is well then, otherwise it may lead to the unexpected change in the life of the person. It is the story of a girl, Divya. She belongs to the middle-class family. Divya does not possess the legal name of his father, as she was born before the marriage of her mother. The lover of her mother rejects the Divya as a daughter. The real drama for the serial begins from this circumstance.Anthapuram had a very talented cast, and the details of the Anthapuram cast can be found on the sidebar.

Divya wants the real name for her so that she can do anything for that. She wants to become the powerful person. The Divya becomes the surrogate mother. She becomes the mother of the Zamindari family. She took the benefit of the surrogate mother, and becomes the family ruler. She wants the property of the Zamindari family and wants to enjoy. She uses her daughter for this purpose.

The daughter of the Divya is a split personality. She has a dual personality character. The advantage of this disorder is taken by her. You will enjoy the drama with every point. The depiction of the struggle of a girl is worth of watching the serial. You will get the emotions, experience of the male oriented society and of course how the Divya fights with all the odds in these entire situations. The Anthapuram airs at the 3PM. All the Anthapuram episodes are immensely popular with its audience. You can grab this on your TV screen from Monday to Friday on ETV. The ETV has various shows on its channel. The females are the primary viewers of the show. So, to know more about the Anthapuram catch it from your home. We hope you will enjoy this.