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Andham Telugu Tv serials on Etv telugu

Andham is frame tale of series Vasundhara telecasted on ETV. This story revolves around all sorts of beautiful women inside and out. Andham means ‘Beauty’. All the trials of women such as beauty, happiness, sadness, laughter and joys of women’s world were well screened in the series Vasundhara in which Andham is a frame story with few episodes substantial to narrate and accomplish the milestones of successful screenplay. Art and story by Suman. This series is aired weekly every Saturday from 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

This series has been one of the pearls of Vamsi, an endorsed writer as well as director. The title song has been a great melody of its time and it’s not an exaggeration to say that it is music to ears even today. The story revolves around a boy turned man who was born with a hideous birthmark on face. All his life he faces denial from people including his father. Except his mother everyone used to make him feel as an eyesore until one day when he meets a beautiful woman and falls in love for her. It is very touching to see how importance the role of appearance plays in this society.

Many times its heart throbbing to see and learn how such unsightliness can be painful to live with. This series soon became one of the favourite for all Telugu people. It has been very acceptable to say that it reflects the lives of common people. The Male protagonist in the series is Rahul, female protagonist is Bhavana and male antagonist is Raja Ravindra. Famous TV actress Neeraja plays a role of female antagonist. Guest appearances of PR varalakshmi, Pavala Syamala as ugly and hideous woman, master Kaushik as elder Rahul in childhood, Master Tanish as younger brother.