Telugu Tv Serial Anandamanandamaye

Anandamanandamaye Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv

Anandamanandamaye is a comedy series which airs on the Gemini TV channel. It is a Telugu language serial. The show focuses on the everyday incidents in the lives of the common man and how they can lead to hilarious circumstances. It has a mix of everything ranging from stories out of our families to something in the political circles. The series takes a look at how something small can cascade into a comedy of errors. The leading characters go day to day through a variety of circumstances which would leave them befuddled and the audience in splits.

It manages to be a very light-hearted comedy which can get enjoyed by all members of the family. The show is starkly different from the other regular comedy serials which are broadcast on competing channels. It introduces an uncommonly fresh concept coupled with a racy musical score. All of this along with the acting talents of some of the best comedy artists alive whose mere name can make anyone laugh out loud. The entire package thus makes for an enjoyable viewing with the entire family and thorough entertainment.

The incidents portrayed on the show all emerge from the daily vagaries of our lives, the frequent squabbles and bantering heard in middle-class households, situations which emerge from various social as well as political incidents. This potpourri of comedy is aptly supported by the eccentric behaviors of the different characters. Each of them has infused their own brand of comedy into the stories which keep the viewers laughing the entire time.

The ensuing laugh riot ensures the popularity of the show where it connects with everyone very well enabling the show to reach the heights it did. Each episode has a rich variety of bone tickling moments. These can get identified easily from within our own lives and experiences. These are all things which we may have seen multiple times around us. It is one of the society’s faces itself. This is what makes it relatable and helps us to laugh along.

Many times, at ourselves, when we realize how ironical the situation is. The superb acting from some very talented and refined actors make for a delightful watch. Their impeccable comic timing and expressions can make anyone giggle out loud. The cast boasts of veterans like Sudhakar, who is one of the most established names in the Telugu industry amongst comic artists. His presence gives a boost to the entire ensemble of characters who entertain us on a regular basis.