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Nandi Awards 2010 Telugu AWARDS on YouTube Channel

The Nandi Award is one of the most respected Award Ceremonies towards the contribution of Telugu Theatre, Cinema, and Television. The government of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh present the Lifetime Achievement award in Indian Cinema. The name of the Award has its own meaning "Nandi" means bull. This award is, therefore, a token of gratitude towards the big granite bull at Lepakshi, which is a historical and traditional symbol of the Telugu people. There are four categories of the Nandi Awards: Copper, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The winning entry is selected by a state panel which is chosen by the government itself.

A special award called Nandi Natakotsavam is introduced by the government for the Theatre industry, poetic, social, and mythological dramas. The award ceremony takes place in Hyderabad.The Chief Minister gives away the awards to the deserving candidate. There are various criteria's to become eligible. There is a proper set of rules, which is revised every year in a regulatory document. The clause for eligibility are that the films needed to enter the competition should be produced in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. If the movie is co-produced and involves a foreign entity, there is another set of rules which need to be fulfilled for the film to qualify.

The eligibility of a film to be considered by the jury depends upon the fact that it should be certified for the time period of 1st January till 31st December by the Film Certification Board. The government has no part in choosing which movie is selected for the process of consideration by the jury and which film should win the award. However, the rules and regulations according to which a film is eligible for consideration by the panel of the jury are made by the government only.

The Nandi Award 2010 were announced by the jury of the Awards. It was on 5th August in the year 2011 and it took place at the Film Development Corporation. Vedam got the Award for the Best film of the year. The Best Actor of Nandi Award 2010 was Nandamuri Balakrishna. He won the Award for the movie Simha. The Best Actress Award for Nandi Award 2010 was Nithya Menon. She won the Award for her outstanding work in her movie Ala Modalaindi. From her performance, no one could say that this was her debut movie.