Tamil Tv Show Zha : Speciality Of Tamil

Zha : Speciality Of Tami Tamil TV SHOWS on Thanthi TV

Zha Specialty is a special and beautiful TV show made in the respect of the Tamil culture. The Tamil language cultural TV show is telecast by the biggest TV channel in the Tamil TV industry, Thanti TV. The TV show came with a great promo and, was a hit. This is a cultural TV show. The TV shows is a dedication to the heritage of the Tamil culture, Tamil history and, the prestigious aspects related to history of Tamil.

The TV show has the reflection of old, prestigious and, beautiful history of Tamil. This TV show has the beautifully captured folk art training which is provided free by the Youth in Madurai. Palanganatham in Madurai has this Martial Arts Training Centre where they have preserved the old Martial art techniques and, the history of this great culture of Martial Art. Then, there were episodes where they showed the history of Tamil music, the old instruments used in creating that music. The old musical schools, the old instruments and, a lot of talks with the great musicians were a part of these episodes.

There are other episodes on various kinds of agricultural practices, crops, food, and other older practices of agriculture. The TV show provided the audiences with a lot of information and, knowledge about the prestigious history of Tamil. There were a lot of special episodes on various famous days like some major event in the state or on the days of festivals. The TV show showed a lot of old temples, and scriptures. The makers showed the significance of the beautiful temple Kanchi Ekambaranthar. There were episodes on Chettinadu Houses which are 100 years old.

There were other episodes on the history of the idols, Madurai Kari Dosa. There was special episode on the visit of Vivekanadar Temple. The show was beautifully put on the TV screens, from the introduction to description to various segments and, till the ending. Every episode showed a different picture of the old culture of Tamil. This TV shown has been one of those best TV shows that people remember till time. The TV show gave the audience immense knowledge, entertainment, and information to the audiences. The audience loved Zha Specialty TV show. The TV show beautifully portrayed the art and the old traditions of the culture of Tamil. The specialty of this TV show made it a huge success on the TV.