Tamil Tv Show Yuppies Ku Mattum Alla

Yuppies Ku Mattum Alla Tamil tv-shows on PuthuYugam TV

The Newly Launched channel PuthuYugam (Equivalent Translation in English is ‘New Age’ or ‘New Period’) Television had come up with another brand new show called as “Yuppies Ku Mattum Alla” (Equivalent Translation in English is ‘Not only for Yuppies Noodles’). The Title Sponsors were Sunfeast Yuppies Noodles. It is an early morning show following the pattern of Sun Television Network’s former event Vanakam Thamizhagam (Equivalent Translation in English is Greetings Tamil Nadu).

The program would have various contents in it. It begins with an Interview with some celebrity or some well-known faces around the world. It will be followed by the Astrology of various zodiac signs in local language. Sometimes, Culinary event were shot as fillers. These sorts of telecasts are a usual item in every Tamil Channel and Yugam has not been an exception to this form of strategy. The anchors were selected and trained to be energetic as well as calm in order to please their audiences in the morning. There cannot be a tussle or enhanced war between the various celebrities in this format.

Every weekend, there would be an analysis of innumerable events happened over the week. There would also be a funny news session that summarizes the happenings around the world the previous day in a non-traditional but a humorous arrangement. There would be intermittent break for some of the half-an-hour shows such as “Kelvi-Bathil” (Equivalent Translation in English is ‘Question and Answer’) etc. Yuppies Noodles of the title sponsor Sunfeast has been given to the spectators at the expiration of the discussion. That’s why the show had been named in such a format.

The soft spoken anchors questions the invitees on their ambitions, personal life etc. thereby exhibiting the guests to their audiences. The unique distinction of this entire program was that it had been not distracted by the News Program in a Traditional Manner though the other rivalry channels carry out this customized practice. The Saddest part has been that it had been discontinued after the frequency learnt that it was not convenient to hold on to a prolonged program that bore their audiences and in turn affect the TRPs.

Finally, the Chennai Based New Generation Media Corporation had decided to break the lengthy program into many small events to foster innovation and development. It cannot be said that the channel had completely given up the program rather it has segregated it.