Tamil Tv Show Yogam Nalla Yogam

Yogam Nalla Yogam Tamil TV SHOWS on Vendhar TV

Yogam Nalla Yogam is an astrological and spiritual show that broadcasts on Vendhar TV. The show is a part of the network's morning programming – Puthum Puthu Kalai and includes other features as well like Edhu Unavum Unmaiyum, Solla Solla Ennikudhaiyaa and Sangeetha Swarangal. The famous astrologer Jotidhaar Selvi serves as the head astrologer on the show and is a regular participant. The show is centered around the principles according to the Hindu astrology. The texts of Hindu astrology talk about 12 rashis or zodiac signs that are used to divide up an imaginary circular belt in various zones. The rashis are similar to the zodiac signs in the western astrology.

Each person is assigned a rashi according to various factors like – place, date and time of birth. The texts also talk about Nakshatras, or lunar mansions, Grahas, or planets and Yogas, or the planetary combinations. According to Hindu astrology, these factors like Rashi, Graha, Nakshatra, and Yoga affect a person’s well-being and his life. As a result, people often consult astrologers before making any major decision like marriage, buying a house, etc. Astrologers claim to predict the future. The show is a daily feature in the morning programming, and Selvi does astrological predictions for the people.

The predictions cover all the Rashi (zodiac signs) in Hindu astrology. The predictions he does are not long term and only limited to a day or two. These predictions are often taken as advice or guidelines by the people who follow them to have a good and successful day. The predictions are often trivial and include things like what color clothes should a person wear, what number is lucky for them for that particular day, general predictions for how their day will go. Selvi also provides predictions for people on how to counter their bad luck.

The solutions are easy to do at home, and he claims to provide a complete remedy to people’s problems. The show also sometimes entertains calls from people with their problems. The problems include trouble in their relationship, unsuccessful business or stagnant jobs. Selvi provides simple astrological solutions for their worries. The show is short and is concise enough for people to watch their horoscope and get an idea how their day would go. For believers in Hindu astrology, they can watch the show and amend specific things to have a better and a successful day.