Tamil Tv Show Y This Kolaveri

Why This Kolaveri Tamil TV SHOWS on Zee Tamil

Zee television Network has finally started its branch channel in Tamil in a more modernized way than its competitors. It has been conducting several shows that are different, more funny, and interesting as well amongst its rivals. One such program is “Why this Kolaveri” (Y This Murder Rage) with the tag line ‘Paduriya? Odariya?’ (Singing? or Walking Away!). ‘Cross Talk’ fame Radio Jockey ‘ RJ Balaji RJ Balaji is the famous name of Balaji Patturaj. H >> Read More... ’ from Big FM Station has conducted this show. Habitual Listeners of his program in the Radio would understand clearly about how the episode would be steered. The event had aired for 44 episodes from 14th December 2013 to 18th May 2014 every Saturday and Sunday, approximately for 45 minutes.

Times of India had officially notified this as one of the most hilarious shows ever in the Tamil television industry. Balaji had agreed that the program had given him a big break in his career. He had committed himself to various big screen opportunities right after this show. He made this confession during an interview with the same channel where the entire team came up for the promotion of the cinema. One could easily understand about the theme of the occurrence from its picture itself. A guy with the mike trying to sing hard had been placed in the reverse move of a sling shot that had been stretched to the maximum. It is a talk based musical show. The contestants were often facing the Acid Test in this scenario.

The rules of this show were very simple. Every contestant had to sing a song. The twist is they would be disturbed amidst their singing by the persons surrounding him or any other unusual device meant for this purpose. The participant should not deviate from his aim which was completing the song they had undertaken. It had been intercepted by Jockey Balaji’s Counters which he names as ‘Kalais’ (In Chennai Slang of Tamil, it denotes Sarcastic Remarks). The Multi Camera set-up for this show had been adding further spice to the complete scenario. It has to be noted that sometimes the attempts to interrupt had reached the extreme level. Points were awarded to those who sung most part of the song. Gifts were given at the finale of the chapter. At the termination of the term, Balaji became bit sentimental and emotional and bided adieu to the entire program as well as to the millions of his audiences.