Tamil Tv Show Word Game

Word Game Tamil TV SHOWS on Chutti TV

Word game is a kids’ comedy serial which is aired on Chutti TV. It is a show designed for kids which will help them to learn. It is aired on weekdays in the evenings. Each episode brings with it a new animated story which will provide an educational curve for the little kids. The animations is nothing you would expect it to be like. It is not at the level of Kung Fu Panda or The Lion King, it is like some college undergraduate student has made the video in his first year.

The show was originally aired in America, and a few years later it has been aired on the local channel, Chutti TV. It will help kids to increase their weight in vocabulary and grammar. Words and letters take the form of objects which are also present in the real life. Each episode is half an hour long. The serial has been divided into four seasons. The first season contains twenty-six episodes.

The second season of Word Game contains fourteen episodes. The third season contains only five episodes, while the fourth season contains extra episodes which were not featured while the other three episodes were on air. Bear and Sheep are hungry and they decide to eat Cat’s O’s. They open the box, but one of the O’s slips out and rolls away. They need to find that O before the dangerous Cat wakes up. Today is also Dog’s birthday. All his friends have planned a surprise party at Cat’s house.

Other than the cake, everything is ready. Fox has been given the responsibility to get the cake safely to the party without Dog finding out about it. In the second episode, Ant is tired of being the smallest creature in the fictional world. His body is made up of words which spell out A-N-T. He decides to add G-I in front of his tiny frame. This will make him a giant. Pig runs a cooking show which is very popular in the city. Unfortunately, Pig’s head gets stuck in a bowl, and he is not able to move.

This is where Sheep steps up and hosts the cooking show for his friend. It is about how Sheep saves the day, and it also gives him confidence. Frog wants to build a rocket, and for that he thinks he needs lots of uppercase letters. After he lands on the moon, he is stuck there with loads of piggies. This is when he realizes that lower-case letters are as useful as the uppercase letters. Bear, Frog and Sheep, decide to go bird watching one day. Over there they find an egg. Sheep takes care of it until it hatches. The baby bird flies out to reunite with her mother.